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001-es BibID:BIBFORM050920
Első szerző:Nagy Adrián Szilárd (gazdasági agrármérnök)
Cím:Risk predictability with financial ratios in case of agricultural enterprises / Adrián Nagy, Tibor Tarnóczi, Veronika Fenyves
Megjegyzések:The international financial and economic crisis has brought more attention to riskmanagement. In the last years and nowadays almost every business has been experienced the crisiseffect and the resulting after-effects in their own skin. The economic crisis has also highlightedthat the companies can not continue to operate the same way as before the crisis, the future isrequired a very serious change. Risk is a fundamental component of agricultural production. Theagricultural enterprises have greater exposure to risk than other industry of the economy, andtherefore it is especially important to have to pay more attention to risk prediction andmanagement. There are simpler and more complicated risk assessment methods, starting with thefinancial ratios, through several statistical methods, as far as the different simulation models. Inour paper we deal with several financial ratios, and their effects on the business risk. The degreesof operating and financial leverage play an important role in measuring the business risk becausethey are some components of the risk. The measure of total firm's risk is the combined leverageratio. The clarity in regard to operating and financial leverage is important because these conceptsare important to assess the business risk. We present what factors influence the value of thefinancial and operating leverage. The paper analyses what have the indebtedness an effect on theshareholders' return. Based on the analysis we try to answer how affect the capital structure on theshareholder return and risk. The study is to provide support to the farmers to take in advanceaccount of risk in the course of their decision-makings and to avoid the bankruptcy.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Közgazdaságtudományok könyvfejezet
financial ratios
risk analysis
capital structure
agricultural enterprises
Megjelenés:Agrarian Perspectives : Proceedings of the 20th International Scientific Conference September 13-14, 2011 / ed. Jan Hron. - p. 239-246. -
További szerzők:Tarnóczi Tibor (1952-) (közgazdász) Fenyves Veronika (1978-) (gazdasági agrármérnök)
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