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001-es BibID:BIBFORM054737
Első szerző:Fábián Gergely (szociológus)
Cím:Social Work Research in Hungary / Gergely Fábián, Lajos Hüse, Katalin Szoboszlai
Megjegyzések:Although it had some antecedents, social work was regarded as a completely new profession during the change of the regime in Hungary,around 1990. In the following years, not only were the services and institutions of the social sector increased, but the professionalization of the experts,based on the most modern international practices, also took place. In line with the expansion of social work in Hungary, intense research work in the area was also performed. Most of this research was focussed on social conditions and special features of the target groups since after the failure of the socialist society, the hidden social problems from before came very obvious to the surface. Therefore national researchers put these problems under scrutiny in order to find effective interventions and solutions for them. However, research into the work of social services, social workers and the efficiency of social work methodology were carried out and published in a much smaller way. This chapter highlights some research studies into these latter issues, and refers to other research into social problems and characteristic features of clients in certain specific areas.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Szociológiai tudományok tanulmány, értekezés
szociális munka
Megjelenés:Social Work Research Across Europe : Methodological Positions and Research Practice : Central, Eastern and Southern Europe / ed. Juha Hämäläinen, Emmanuel Jovelin, Brian Littlechild, Andrej Kallay, Jan Keller, Ria Puhl First. - p. 41-55. -
További szerzők:Hüse Lajos (1970-) (szociológus, biológus) Szoboszlai Katalin (1969-) (szociális munkás)
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