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Első szerző:Koleszár Péter (környezetkutató)
Cím:Influence of slag minerals ont the utilisation of ladle slag / Koleszár Péter, Papp István
Megjegyzések:The scrap charge is melted down by the electric arc and oxyfuel jetburners such as in the Steelwork of Ózd Ltd. (OAM Ltd.). By the end of the heating the steel bath becomes oversaturated in oxygen. After casting gases would form eraised hollows as gas inclusions in the rolled steel products that are harmful. Other problems are the high inclusion and sulphur content. These parameters do not meet the requirements of the steel standards. These quality problems can be avoided by secondary refining. The standard technology consists of two technological steps. The first step is the precipitation deoxidation while the steel is under tapping. The next step is the diffusional deoxidation which is carried out in a ladle furnace where the steel obtains its final composition and the inclusions are floating into the slag and there they are absorbed. The arised slag called Ladle slag. This kind of slag contains skarn like Ca-silcate minerals such as: larnite, bredigite, gehlenite, mayenite and lime. After slag dumping these solid like slag at the slag pit tend to turn white fine dust, wich is exposed to wind erosion. It is prevented by water sprinking. The dissotiation of these slag is caused by the volume transformation of the larnite wich increased. By the sprinkling different secondary minerals are occour, wich forms solid bark on the surface of the slagpowder. These minerals are different calcium-silicate-hydrates(CSH) Calcium-aluminate-hydrates and Carbonates.We prove the presence of them. They determinate the behavior oft slag so we have to know their properties so we can optimize the recclyng tcchnology of them
ISBN:978 963 661 955 8
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok előadáskivonat
Ladle FurnaceLarnite
OAM Ltd.
volume stability
Megjelenés:XXV. microCAD : International Scientific Conference - Earth science and engineering / ed. Bikfalvi Péter. - p. 1-5. -
További szerzők:Papp István (1980-) (vegyész)
Internet cím:Intézményi repozitóriumban (DEA) tárolt változat
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