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001-es BibID:BIBFORM060893
Első szerző:Takácsné Bubnó Katalin (matematika tanár, informatika tanár)
Cím:Solving word problems by computer programming / Takácsné Bubnó Katalin, Viktor László Takács
Megjegyzések:In every age and in every school word problems pose difficulties. Furthermore, we can state the same about learning computer programming in computer science. We draw parallels between the two domains, searching for similarities as well as differences. We introduce a graphical programming environment called Blockly, which can help us overcome obstacles and develope the abilities in solving word problems and programming. Blockly is the first block programming language available by a simple Internet browser. It is a user friendly, web-based (cloud-based), graphical programming editor developed by Google Inc. (based on the theoretical foundations of MIT'sblock language projects). There is no need to type programming codes or to learn the language's syntactical or semantical rules, so it is suitable for children's first programming language and for those teachers who are not qualified in information technology. Last but not least, it is free, available via web browsers, we do not need to install anything to our computer device or to our interactive whiteboard in the classroom, or even our own tabletPC or smartphone. It is available from everywhere via Internet, therefore we can use it in the school or at home. In this paper we present an introduction to Blockly and some of its uses in mathematics: we solve word problems with Blockly showing several exercises from different classes and ages of pupils to illustrate the analogy of the two fields. We had experiments both in primary and secondary school. With the conclusions of the primary school testing we started further experiment in secondary school. Our other testing group was in the Grammar Secondary School of University of Debrecen. We plan to teach computer programming and algorithmization topics in Computer Science lessons in the secondary school from the October, 2013 to January 2014. So, we could not show the final results from all of pupils' works in this paper. We plan it in another paper. Now, we can report the first conclusions and a short comparison between the primary and the secondary students' works,attitudes and difficulties with this type of problem solving method. Blockly is a new, cloud-based programming language, and we have not found publications about previous experiments where it was used for solving various kind of mathematical word problems. We was wandered if Blockly was suitable programming tool as first programming language and mathematical word problems were suitable as first programming tasks that a child met in computer programming lessons.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Matematika- és számítástudományok könyvfejezet
word problems
problem solving
computer programming
Megjelenés:Problem Solving in Mathematics Education : Proceedings of the 15th ProMath conference 30 August-1 September, 2013 in Eger / Eds. András Ambrus, Éva Vásárhelyi. - p. 193-208
További szerzők:Takács Viktor László (1975-) (közgazdász, informatikus)
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