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001-es BibID:BIBFORM061882
Első szerző:Máté Domicián (közgazdász, informatika tanár)
Cím:How can Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems impact on labour productvity / Domicián Máté, Tibor János Kárpáti
ISSN:1222-569X 1582-5450
Megjegyzések:The changing financial and accounting environments are critical to enhance production ability of firms in the globalized and competitive markets. Managers should focus on IC technologies to integrate information and communication across each unit of the enterprises. An ERP system is an attempt to integrate all functions that can decrease thecosts of firms with improving the production effectiveness. While the ICT-producing sector is relatively small, it can make large contribution to economic performance. Although, productivity growth is essential in IT industries and has risen over the 1990s, but some unanswered theoretical questions have still remained for the policymakers. The main purpose of this research paper is to support the theoretical insights to the economic role of EPRs in ICT industries and also to highlight how they can impact on labour productivity growth. All in all, the usage of ERPs can be resulted in increased sales efficiency and the improved interactions in warranty services lead to satisfy the customers through providing lower quotations and increased awareness. The enhanced production and the less cost of inventories also improves the performance of organizations.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Gazdálkodás- és szervezéstudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
ICT contribution
labour productivity
Megjelenés:Analele Universitatii din Oradea : Stiinte Economice = Annals of University of Oradea. Economic science 24 (2015), p. 623-626. -
További szerzők:Kárpáti Tibor (1978-) (közgazdász)
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