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Első szerző:Várady Ferenc (matematika, német tanár)
Cím:Introduction of differential calculus in the class 10 with graphical calculator / Ferenc Várady
ISSN:1787-5021 1787-6117
Megjegyzések:In the German mathematical educational system the graphical calculatoris not only allowed but also recommended in secondary grammar school.Therefore in the Deutsche Schule Budapest, where the graphical calculatorbased on German curriculum is also allowed and required, an experiment wereconducted with two groups in grade 10. This experiment was performed inthese groups for 46 lectures. The parallel teaching with and without graphicalcalculator was the main emphasis in the lectures. We consistently usedthe "old" with the "new" method simultaneously. The aim of the experimentwas to determine how the graphical calculator can be helpful in the mathematicscourses when it is used for introduction of differential calculus. Toapply calculators for mathematical problems secondary-school students haveto understand the meaning and the concepts of mathematical formulas con-fidently, they have to convert and interpret the parameters and substitutethem into the right formulas. Besides, they have to know correctly the functionsof the calculator in practice. Even better students can have difficultyin using the calculator because they need different notations on paper andbooklet operation and on the software or graphical calculator. While it hasbeen suggested that appropriate use of the graphical calculator can supportstudents in differential calculus, the following issues were considered: howand how deep the differential calculus should be instructed with and withoutgraphical calculator so that the students can build the right concept image.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Matematika- és számítástudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
difference quotient
differential quotient
graphing calculator
secondary grammar school
Megjelenés:Annales mathematicae et informaticae 45 (2015), p. 161-177. -
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