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035-os BibID:(Zbl.ME)2015a.00095
Első szerző:Várady Ferenc (matematika, német tanár)
Cím:Solving differential calculus problems with graphic calculators in a secondary grammar school / Várady Ferenc
Megjegyzések:Use of graphic calculators is officially not allowed in Hungarian middle and secondary schools. But in the last years more and more mathematics teachers may use the smart boards. Numerous functions of graphic calculators can be realized with help of smart boards. This makes necessary to think more consciously about the use of graphic calculators. I am teaching in a German school in Budapest, where the use of graphic calculators based on German curriculums is allowed. In two groups of students Grade 10 I made an experiment about the introducing the differential calculus with help of graphic calculators. We concentrated for two aspects, how much should we teach without graphic calculators at the concept formation and problem solving, and at what point is desirable to allow their use in the teaching process. At the use of graphic calculators the visual representations of mathematical concepts comes in the foreground. Many students have problems with different representations of the function. They do not see the connection between them and cannot transform one representation into another. In our experiment we emphasized these activities. In the brain-based mathematics teaching use of different representations is a base idea. In our experiment we tried to take into consideration of some new results of brain research.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Matematika- és számítástudományok tanulmány, értekezés
grafikus számológép
Megjelenés:Problem Solving in Mathematics Education : Proceedings of the 15th ProMath conference 30 August-1 September, 2013 in Eger / Eds. András Ambrus, Éva Vásárhelyi. - p. 209-231.
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