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Első szerző:Várady Ferenc (matematika, német tanár)
Cím:Using graphical calculators in teaching functions / Várady Ferenc
Megjegyzések:In the German educational system ?in contrast with the Hungarian one ?it is allowed, andeven required to use the graphical calculator in secondary school mathematics education. Thishas a number of advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include that the students are ableto use the opportunities offered by information technology. In this context, computer literacyis not just a "casual" tool, they do not only use the familiar applications, but they learn newones. For solving mathematical problems with a computer or a graphical calculator it isessential that the pupils are self-confident about using mathematical formulas, that they areable to convert them correctly, that they interpret the parameters in the problem and substitutethem in formulas correctly, and they have to know the functions of the calculator to use themcorrectly. These are not so simple for even better students in mathematics either, because onpaper, booklet operations often require different notations than software or graphingcalculators. Another problem is the multiplicity of calculator functions, and so to choose thecorrect one of them. At the beginning the process is slow in the classroom, but later, when themajority of pupils routinely handle the calculator, in my experience, they help each other.However, some pupils still make typical classroom mistakes in tests, which I will refer to inmy thesis. The greatest danger I see in using a graphing calculator is that the servicesprovided by the calculator could involve the trap that pupils can forget the operations,procedures learned long ago. Namely, in the 11th class it occurred in the case of a simplelinear equation that a pupil could not solve it without a calculator, because the calculator haddone it for him using the appropriate command for years. In my work I try to point outspecific examples of how the calculator is used in the mathematics education to fully exploitthe benefits of it while avoiding the potential pitfalls.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Matematika- és számítástudományok tanulmány, értekezés
graphical calculator
teaching functions
Megjelenés:Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Economic Sciences : Kaposvár University - Kaposvár - Hungary - 9-10 May 2013 / eds. katalin Szendrő, Mihály Soós. - p. 96-103. -
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