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001-es BibID:BIBFORM072479
Első szerző:Benkhard Borbála
Cím:Travel practice of the new generation of tourist managers in the University of Debrecen / Benkhard Borbála
Megjelenés:[S.l.] : [s.n.], 2018
Megjegyzések:Changes of the travel habits of our students have been experienced in the University of Debrecencharacterized by decreasing knowledge concerning Hungary and infrequent travels. To confirm orreject our hypotheses based on our experiences and to work out proposals for the necessary changes inthe education, an investigation was initiated which focuses on the travel habits of university students.The online questionnaire was completed by current and former students. These have been sortedaccording to the university, the first university year and qualifications. Thus, the analysed groupincludes students who begun their university studies in the last 15 years as geographers, or specializedin geography (including tourism), environmental sciences or tourism-hospitality.The hypothesis that the number of the national travels is decreasing due to the increasing internationaltravels can be rejected, based on the national and international mobility values. On the other hand ourresults prove that in terms of the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and the elaboration of thesuccessful professional work in the chosen special fields (earth and environmental sciences, tourism),these travels are less valuable in both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Among the factorsinfluencing the choice of destination, the effect of university education is more considerable than itwas expected.
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student travels
travel habit
tourism education
tourism management
További szerzők:International Conference on Tourism & Management Studies, ESGHT (2011.10.26-2011.10.29.) (Algarve, Portugal)
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