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Első szerző:Fekete Ágnes (agrármérnök)
Cím:The role of green manure in Hungarian crop production / Fekete Ágnes, Pepó Péter
Megjegyzések:According to the data of KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) sowing area of cereals in the crop year 2016 was over 2.56 million ha, on which winter wheat and maize were produced in a rate of around 50-50%. Regarding these data it is obvious that the domestic sowing structure has been simplified and become unilateral. This unfavourable crop rotation system causes several problems. Due to the unilateral plant production soil conditions may deteriorate, several nutrient supply, plant protection and water supply problems may occur. It has to be added that the number of Hungarian livestock decreased in the past decades. Amount of manure was 24 million tons in 1960, but only hardly 4.5 million tons of organic manure was applied in 2016. According to the data of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics it can be stated that the production area of green manure crops was less than 40 000 hectares before 2015, but after the introduction of the new subsidiary system their sowing area was doubled in Hungary. The targeted sowing area of green manure crops in 2017 was over 86 000, 26 000 ha of which was planned to be sown in the Southern Great Plain region (AKI 2013, 2017). There are several methods for the recovery of organic matter. One is if plant organic substances and by-products are tilled into the soil, the other is if different green manure crop species and/or their mixture are sown directly.
Tárgyszavak:Agrártudományok Növénytermesztési és kertészeti tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
grean manure
organic matter
winter wheat
Megjelenés:Natural Resources and Sustainable Development 7 (2017), p. 51-56. -
További szerzők:Pepó Péter (1955-) (agrármérnök)
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