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001-es BibID:BIBFORM096664
035-os BibID:(Scopus)85112414327
Első szerző:Sztrik János (informatikus, matematikus)
Cím:Reliability Analysis of Finite-Source Retrial Queuing System with Collisions and Impatient Customers in the Orbit Using Simulation / Sztrik János, Tóth Ádám, Pintér Ákos, Bács Zoltán
Megjegyzések:In this paper, we have developed a simulation program to investigate M/M/1//N and M/G/1//N retrial queuing systems with collisions and impatient customers in the orbit. In our model, for lack of waiting queues, the service of an arriving customer begins immediately. Otherwise, it has the ability to bring about a collision in which both the arrived and request under service are forwarded to the orbit where spending some exponentially distributed random time they try to get their service demand to be executed. All requests possess an impatience property resulting in an earlier departure from the system through the orbit if they spend too much time waiting for being served properly. The phenomenon of blocking is applied not allowing the customers into the system while the service unit resides in a faulty condition. The server is supposed to break down according to several distributions and this work concentrates on examining the effect of these distributions on several performance measures like the distribution of the number of collisions and failures of customers. The results are graphically illustrated to experience the difference among the used parameter settings of the various distributions.
Tárgyszavak:Matematika- és számítástudományok Természettudományok előadáskivonat
finite-source queuing system
retrial queues
server breakdowns and repairs
Megjelenés:The International Conference on Digital Technologies (IDT 2021). - p. 230-234. -
További szerzők:Tóth Ádám (1990-) (mérnökinformatikus) Pintér Ákos (1967-) (matematikus) Bács Zoltán (1969-) (agrármérnök)
Pályázati támogatás:TKP2020-IKA-04
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