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001-es BibID:BIBFORM110426
Első szerző:Tóth Judit, D. (irodalomtörténész)
Cím:A Nagy Szent Baszileiosznak tulajdonított 38. levél kora újkori recepciója : Nüsszai Szent Gergely: Ad Petrum (fratrem) de differentia essentiae et hypostaseos / D.Tóth Judit
Megjegyzések:Epistle 38 (Sancti Patris Basilii Magni de differentia usiae et hypostasis liber, ad Gregorium fratrem Nyssae epsicopum - Diffess hyp), attributed to Saint Basil the Great, played an im portant part in the (terminological) clarification of issues related to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity during the last third of the 4th century. From the beginning, manuscript research through several centuries of the Christian Age had also (to a lesser extent) connected the authorship of this docum ent to Gregory of Nyssa (Ad Petrum fratrem de differentia divinae essentiae et hypostaseos / Ad Petrum [fratrem] de differentia essentiae et hypostaseos). In the present study, I intend to find the answer to the query concerning the reason for the (re-)appearance of this piece, which had had an im portant role in deciding on questions of theology, "again" under the name of Gregory after several centuries of past (manuscript, and then, print) history, in the middle of the 16th century (1562, Basel). Following a brief presentation of the m odern scholarly debate on authorship and the theology of the treatise, I give an overview of the 16th-century publications of the text. In the light of some knowledge about the philological and publishing practices of the given time period, I suppose that the specific "turn" mentioned above was not so m uch due to the spread of Reformation and the consequent polemics. Instead, it was probably due to the growing interest in the manuscripts by contem porary humanists, which put a lot of effort into publishing in print the handw ritten m aterial available in various libraries. The 1562 Gregorian publication in Basel and its antecedents seem to indicate that, in this case, the decisive part was probably played by Dom inican scholars. One of the consequences of my hypothetical response to the original query is that any further quest for answers concerning the questions related to the m odern-day reception of the document could be based upon the exploration of the manuscript collection of this mendicant religious order for a start.
ISBN:978 615 578 708 9
Tárgyszavak:Bölcsészettudományok Vallástudományok könyvfejezet
Megjelenés:Az egyházatyák a reformáció és az ellenreformáció korában: A Magyar Patrisztikai Társaság XVII. konferenciája az ókori kereszténységről / szerk. Tóth Judit, Papp György. - p. 85-102. -
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