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001-es BibID:BIBFORM110951
Első szerző:Korenová Lilla (matematika módszertan)
Cím:Augmented reality in kindergarten / Lilla Korenova, Ibolya Veress-Bágyi
Megjegyzések:Introduction In recent times, one of the popular mobile applications has been Pokémon, which is beloved by all from the smallest to adult users. This was the first mobile application using augmented reality, which immediately met with undivided success. Augmented reality children's books are also very popular, even for those of kindergarten age. For instance in Slovakia, Slovak translations of Disney Princess, Mythical Beings and Dinosaurs come alive have been published by CooBoo publishing house. In Hungary, we have read recently that the latest issue of the rightly famous Ablak-Zsiráf illustrated children's lexicon published this year is about the devices known as gadgets which surround children from birth, its title is Gadgets and the online world. The publication speaks to the 5-9 age group, but Bee Bot the little programmable bee has likewise been produced for them, and they are fascinated by the Quiver application too, which displays a coloured flaming image in three dimensions. We can see that both the offline and the online realms are trying to fall in line and adapt to the children of today, which is as it should be. We thus believe that augmented reality in education is the most interesting for both parties, the teacher and the pupil, and will be the subject of much more research in the future.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Szociológiai tudományok könyvfejezet
augmented reality
mobile applications
Megjelenés:Specific issues of contemporary preschool education in Bulgaria and Slovakia / eds. Bozhidar Angelov, Rozalina Engels-Kritidis, Dusan Kostrub, Robert Osad'an. - p. 59-70. -
További szerzők:Veress-Bágyi Ibolya (1981-) (informatikus, matematikus)
Internet cím:Intézményi repozitóriumban (DEA) tárolt változat
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