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Első szerző:Mazeka, Bahle
Cím:Monitoring Changing Land Use-Land Cover Change to Reflect the Impact of Urbanisation on Environmental Assets in Durban, South Africa / Bahle Mazeka, Kwanele Phinzi, Catherine Sutherland
Megjegyzések:African cities are rapidly urbanising, which is transforming urban landscapes and placing pressure on planning, housing and service provision and environmental sustainability. Determining the pace and scale of land use change, and its spatiality, using land use and land cover (LULC) maps, can support policy-makers in the future development, planning and risk management of cities. This chapter identifies LULC change in Durban, South Africa from 1991 to 2017. Durban has experienced rapid socio-spatial transformation post-apartheid. The expansion of the land area of the Durban Functional Region by 68% in 2000, as part of the national municipal demarcation process, led to the formation of the eThekwini Municipal Area (EMA). Through this process, peri-urban and rural areas were added to Durban`s periphery, increasing the amount of green open space in the city. Since 2007, the rural periphery of the city has been rapidly urbanising and densifying, which is impacting on the provision of ecosystem services in a municipality which has based its response to climate change, resilience and sustainability on the protection and wise use of these services. This chapter identifies the scale and location of land use change in the EMA with a particular focus on the built environment and vegetation cover. It explains this change through the urban processes that are shaping urban development in Durban.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok könyvfejezet
Megjelenés:Sustainable Urban Futures in Africa / Michael Addaney; Patrick Cobbinah. - p. 132-158. -
További szerzők:Phinzi, Kwanele (1989-) Sutherland, Catherine
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