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Első szerző:Román Zsófia
Cím:Palaeontological and taphonomical investigations of the exceptionally rich concentration of Miocene vertebrate coprolites from Pécs-Danitzpuszta (Hungary, Mecsek Mts.) / Zsófia Román, Martin Segesdi, Krisztina Sebe, Tamás Földes, Koraljka Bakrač, Attila Virág, Gábor Botfalvai
ISSN:0891-2963 1029-2381
Megjegyzések:Thousands of coprolites have been collected from the Upper Miocene (Tortonian/Pannonian) sands of the Pécs-Danitzpuszta sand pit, one of the most important mixed Neogene vertebrate localities in Hungary. Although, the locality has been known for centuries, the coprolites have not been investigated in detail. We describe these fossils and explore their palaeoecological significance. Coprolites were examined with thin sections, X-ray powder diffraction and computed tomography. Their surface is mostly smooth, desiccation cracks were not observed. All coprolites mainly consist of apatite, indicating most probably a carnivorous diet. No evidence of herbivory has been found so far. The coprolites contain remains belonging to several groups: ostracod carapaces, bivalve shells, vertebrae from bony fishes, fish scales, as well as teeth. The CT scans show inhomogeneities in the matrix; however, in most cases they do not reliably indicate inclusions. The taphono mical features suggest rapid burial and most likely an aquatic origin. The spiral morphotype could be attributed to fishes with spiral intestinal valves. Teeth of reef-associated fish taxa indicate Badenian age for some specimens, though the coprolite assemblage might include older and younger specimens as well.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Vertebrate coprolite
Lake Pannon
coprolite taphonomy
Megjelenés:Historical Biology. - [Epub ahead of print] (2024), p. 1-16. -
További szerzők:Segesdi Martin Sebe Krisztina Földes Tamás Bakrač, Koraljka Virág Attila (1986-) (geológus) Botfalvai Gábor
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