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Első szerző:Kovács Tibor (geográfus)
Cím:Cultural renewal in Kisújszállás: A path to sustainability of a Hungarian small town? / Tibor Kovács, Mária Vasvári
Megjegyzések:The aim of this study is to analyse the social, demographic (and wealth) problems and sustainability issues of a small town in the Hungarian lowlands (Great Plain), Kisújszállás, in the 21st century, and to present the town's search for a place, especially its attempt to respond and renew itself based on culture. In identifying "lowland"and "Cumanian"characteristics, in addition to (and beyond) the geographical environment and the (still) strongly linked economy, the focus was primarily on the local (for decades declining and ageing) society. In the course of the research, we observed a particular mentality and identity that today increasingly bears the hallmarks of disharmony in the small town society of the lowlands and the region of Greater Cumania. In examining the resilience of the town, we found that while Kisújszállás has the right anchors, it is not enough to think in terms of point capabilities; we should plan for the future in processes. The town sees culture as a key breakout point and a possible response to the pressing socio-economic sustainability challenges. Respondents to our questionnaire survey of local opinion leaders were most concerned about the low level of cultural demand among locals, but also felt that PR and marketing activities related to culture were not satisfactory. In the case of municipal management, under-financing, a lack of decentralization, and networking were highlighted, while in the case of the economy, the lack of industrial parks and incubators and a low level of innovative local entrepreneurial mentality were highlighted. It can be seen that the town is facing the multifaceted problems of a shrinking, ageing society. The situation assessment underlines the social need for change in a (suffering) municipality stuck in an "old lowland"agricultural structure. In the case of Kisújszállás, renewal and identity building based on culture can be seen as a horizontal concept supporting existing development alternatives.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
age of crises
inner periphery of the plains
local specificities
rural-urban culture
Megjelenés:Ecocycles. - 10 : 1 (2024), p. 24-36. -
További szerzők:Vasvári Mária (1984-) (geográfus)
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