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Első szerző:Kárpáti Andrea
Cím:Developmental Assessment of Spatial Abilities Through Interactive, Online 2D and Virtual 3D Tasks / Andrea Kárpáti, Bernadett Babály, László Budai
Megjegyzések:Representing space in two-dimensional form has traditionally been one of the central tasks in visual skills development because of its relevance for a wide range of professions. Spatial skill components (mental and physical manipulation, transformation, completion, planning, construction, etc.) are valid indicators of the developmental level of visual skills and therefore often used for the detection of talent. However, from the copying exercises of gypsum models of academies, through studies of old masters and careful representation of arrangements of objects with pen and pencil or paint, tasks usually require activities unrelated to real life experiences of creation and perception of space. Our research objective is to develop authentic, lifelike tasks for practice and testing creation and perception in space. Multimedia applications offer a chance to evaluate creation and perception of space in an authentic, developmental setting. Two digital environments for skills enhancement and assessment are presented here: a two-dimensional online testing tool and a movable, three-dimensional virtual space. Ten to twelve-year-olds, experienced in playing interactive games, easily master the use of the e-DIA online assessment tool (, and intuitively use GeoGebra, ( the open source software that provides algebraic and graphical representations of mathematical objects and offers 3D, interactive representational facilities used in hundred thousands of classrooms. Our results indicate that both environments may be used for the assessment of spatial skills, and also have potentials for becoming authentic tools for development. This paper presents a model for spatial abilities and shows two- and three dimensional tasks for its assessment. Standardisation of tasks and verification of the structure of spatial abilities are also outlined.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Matematika- és számítástudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
spatial skills
Megjelenés:The International Journal of Arts Education. - 12 (2014), p. 94-124. -
További szerzők:Babály Bernadett Budai László (1985-) (matematika-informatika tanár)
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