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001-es BibID:BIBFORM015777
Első szerző:Megyesi Zoltán (informatikus)
Cím:Anatomical localization in PET brain receptor studies / Z. Megyesi, T. Spisák, S. A. Kis, G. Opposits, L. Balkay, L. Trón, M. Emri
Megjegyzések:Background: Human and small animal PET receptor studies belong to the most important in vivo tools of pharmaceutical research. The analysis of dynamic PET data requires the use/application of tracer-kinetic and digital brain atlas related image processing methods. The investigation of receptor binding can be support- ed by manually drawn regions or the application of human, mouse or rat brain atlas databases. The latter plays an important role in the anatomical localization, as well. None of the available database software products are capable of handling more than a single data base. The aim of the study was to work out a platform-independent framework and appli- cation that, beyond elementary image processing tasks, enables us to handle sev- eral brain atlas databases at the same time. Result: In accordance with the main objectives a complete program called Brain- Loc has been developed. It supports Talairach Daemon, LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas (LPBA) and International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM) databases. Based on the strength of this database selecting strategy, a brain atlas dependent numerical value can be rendered to a given location describing the probability that it belongs to a possible anatomical structure. The operation of the elaborated soft- ware has been validated using BrainVoyager and Anatomy Toolbox. Conclusion: BrainLoc may be instrumental in the post processing phase of recep- tor studies by the miniPET-II small animal PET scanner.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok idézhető absztrakt
Megjelenés:Nuclear Medicine Review. - 12 : 1 (2009), p. 48. -
További szerzők:Spisák Tamás (1986-) (programtervező matematikus, informatikus) Kis Sándor Attila (1973-) (fizikus) Opposits Gábor (1974-) (fizikus, szoftver fejlesztő) Balkay László (1963-) (biofizikus) Trón Lajos (1941-) (biofizikus) Emri Miklós (1962-) (fizikus)
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM012320
Első szerző:Megyesi Zoltán (informatikus)
Cím:GPU based techniques in medical imaging / Megyesi Zoltán, Pányik Árpád, Kis Sándor Attila, Opposits Gábor, Trón Lajos, Emri Miklós
Megjegyzések:Parallelization methods and modern OpenGL based visualization in multimodal medical imaging were two different techniques until the appearance of the new generation Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The increased calculation and memory capacity of this new hardware allows using it as parallelization and visualization tool, as well. Given this facility, we also investigated the applicability of the latest G80 chip based VGA card in iterative image reconstruction and image algebra. Considering the above, we implemented real-time multimodal visualization tasks using the shading languages and iterative image reconstruction running on the GPU with CUDA. Several test applications have been developed using our MultiModal Medical Imaging (M3I) software environment for this study. In these applications GPU shaders were implemented and applied to 2D and 3D multimodal image processing and visualization methods related to digital brain atlas technique and tensor imaging. We found that the full 3D texture based rendering methods, coming with the recent GPU hardware, have further opportunities to improve and combine the implemented image processing and visualization components. However, effective application of these features on the large output data acquired from the most advanced imaging devices such as PET/CT scanners requires further examination. The implemented parallel 2D iterative reconstruction programs running on GPU and a multiprocessor system resulted the same reconstruction time, which falls off from the expected speed growth for the good of GPU.
Tárgyszavak:Műszaki tudományok Informatikai tudományok előadáskivonat
parallel algorithm
medical imaging
multimodal imaging
image reconstruction
Megjelenés:Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics : August 4-8, 2008, Dresden (Germany) / ed. ICGG. - p. 1-7. -
További szerzők:Pányik Árpád Kis Sándor Attila (1973-) (fizikus) Opposits Gábor (1974-) (fizikus, szoftver fejlesztő) Trón Lajos (1941-) (biofizikus) Emri Miklós (1962-) (fizikus)
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