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001-es BibID:BIBFORM015776
Első szerző:Nagy Tamás
Cím:Investigation of the distribution of biologically active molecules in tissues of small animals using autoradiography and MiniPET imaging / T. Nagy, S. A. Kis, M. Emri, P. Mikecz, Gy. Trencsényi, Z. Hendrik, G. Opposits, L. Trón, T. Márián
Megjegyzések:Debrecen, Hungary Background: The aim of the study was the implementation of methods for high resolution imaging of PET radioligand distribution in mice and rat tissues. Material and methods: Ex vivo auto-radiographic (Leica CM3600 whole body cry- omacrotome) and in vivo PET (miniPET-II) techniques were used to study the accu- mulation, binding and clearing of biologically active molecules (tumor and perfu- sion tracers, receptor ligands) in tissues of small animals. Results: The localization of tumor tissues in rats and mice applying PET tracers (FDG, methionine, choline, FLT) and auto-radiographic slices combined with Phos- phorimager evaluation is possible at a resolution of 50 microns . The procedure also allows the demonstration of inhomogeneities (e.g. necrotic area) and eventual metastases. The efficiency of treatment can also be followed up if applied in rela- tively large populations. Similarly, detailed quantitative data can be obtained from receptor densities in case the experiments are carried out using labeled receptor- ligands. In rat and mice models, the miniPET-II camera with a resolution of 1 mm appears to be an efficient tool in drug development as well as in in vivo molecular biology investigations. This technique allows the study of numerous physiological and pathological processes provided an appropriate PET tracer is available. Conclusion: Ex vivo imaging using the auto-radiographic technique and in vivo imaging applying a miniPET-II scanner may play an important role in preclinical and clinical investigations.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Biológiai tudományok idézhető absztrakt
Megjelenés:Nuclear Medicine Review 12 : 1 (2009), p. 51. -
További szerzők:Kis Sándor Attila (1973-) (fizikus) Emri Miklós (1962-) (fizikus) Mikecz Pál (1956-) (vegyész) Trencsényi György (1978-) (biológus, biokémikus, molekuláris biológus) Hendrik Zoltán (1986-) (orvos) Opposits Gábor (1974-) (fizikus, szoftver fejlesztő) Trón Lajos (1941-) (biofizikus) Márián Teréz (1950-) (radiobiológus)
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