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001-es BibID:BIBFORM027565
Első szerző:Bak István (vegyész, analitikus, farmakológus)
Cím:Evaluation of systemic and dermal toxicity and dermal photoprotection by sour cherry kernels / Istvan Bak, Attila Czompa, Evelin Csepanyi, Bela Juhasz, Heibatullah Kalantari, Khadija Najm, Nasreen Aghel, Balazs Varga, David D. Haines, Arpad Tosaki
Megjegyzések:The present report describes outcomes of animal studies conducted to determine the systemic and dermal toxicity of Prunus cerasus (sour cherry) seed kernel contents; and a separate evaluation of the photoprotective capacity of the kernel oil fraction. B6 mice and Hartley guinea-pigs were used for these experiments. Dosage groups of 6-8 animals were administered whole kernel meal in a dose range of 0-3000 mg/kg by gavage for 8 days, following which they were killed. The liver and kidney weights were recorded and histological examination performed on sections of these organs. Kidney function was assessed as blood urea nitrogen and creatinine and liver function by measurement of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, glutamic pyruvic transaminase and alkaline phosphatase. Dermal toxicity was evaluated in a Hartley guinea-pig model by comparing UVB-irradiated shaved skin to which the kernel oil had been applied with distilled water controls. In conclusion, no evidence of toxicity was observed to result from the consumption or dermal application of sour cherry seed kernel in the dose range at which it is likely to be used in foods or healthcare. Moreover, it was shown to have a powerful capacity to protect skin from UV damage. These results suggest it will prove to be a highly safe and effective addition to a wide range of products for general use. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Gyógyszerészeti tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
egyetemen (Magyarországon) készült közlemény
Megjelenés:Phytotherapy Research. - 25 : 11 (2011), p. 1714-1720. -
További szerzők:Czompa Attila (1985-) (gyógyszerész) Csépányi Evelin (1985-) (gyógyszerész) Juhász Béla (1978-) (kísérletes farmakológus) Kalantari, Heybatullah Najm, Khadija Aghel, Nasreen Varga Balázs (1984-) (kísérletes farmakológus) Haines, David Donald (1981-) (gyógyszerész) Tósaki Árpád (1958-) (kísérletes farmakológus, gyógyszerész)
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM057392
Első szerző:Csiki Zoltán (belgyógyász, allergológus, klinikai immunológus, reumatológus)
Cím:Orally delivered sour cherry seed extract (SCSE) affects cardiovascular and hematological parameters in humans / Zoltan Csiki, Agnes Papp-Bata, Attila Czompa, Aniko Nagy, Istvan Bak, Istvan Lekli, Andras Javor, David D. Haines, Gyorgy Balla, Arpad Tosaki
Megjegyzések:In the present study, we investigated the effects of sour cherry seed extract (SCSE) on a variety of systemic processes that contribute to general health and viability of human subjects. The experiments were conducted according to a double-blind protocol in which six healthy individuals were administered 250-mg/day SCSE for 14 days, while four were treated with placebo. Peripheral blood was collected before and after the treatment period. Samples were analyzed for levels of selected cells, enzymes, or metabolites. Subjects that received SCSE showed increases in the values of mean cell volume, serum transferrin, mean peroxidase index, and representation of peripheral blood lymphocytes. On the other hand, decreases were observed in circulating neutrophils and ferritin levels. Changes observed in the present study do not fit into a clear pattern that might yield additional in-depth understanding of SCSE-mediated alterations in physiologic responses. The most encouraging result of the present study is the absence of any indication of toxicity by subjects consuming the extract.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
sour cherry seed extract
heme oxygenase-1
human subjects
Megjelenés:Phytotherapy Research. - 29 : 3 (2015), p. 444-449. -
További szerzők:Papp-Bata Ágnes (1986-) Czompa Attila (1985-) (gyógyszerész) Nagy Anikó (1987-) (dietetikus, táplálkozástudományi szakember) Bak István (1975-) (vegyész, analitikus, farmakológus) Lekli István (1981-) (gyógyszerész) Jávor András (1952-) (agrármérnök) Haines, David Donald (1981-) (gyógyszerész) Balla György (1953-) (csecsemő és gyermekgyógyász, neonatológus) Tósaki Árpád (1958-) (kísérletes farmakológus, gyógyszerész)
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM014445
Első szerző:Haines, David Donald (gyógyszerész)
Cím:Summative interaction between astaxanthin, Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb761) and vitamin C in Suppression of respiratory inflammation : a comparison with ibuprofen / David D. Haines, Balazs Varga, Istvan Bak, Bela Juhasz, Fadia F. Mahmoud, Heybatullah Kalantari, Rudolf Gesztelyi, Istvan Lekli, Attila Czompa, Arpad Tosaki
Megjegyzések:In this study, combinations of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (EGb761) plus the carotenoid antioxidant astaxanthin (ASX) and vitamin C were evaluated for a summative dose effect in the inhibition of asthma-associated inflammation in asthmatic guinea-pigs. Ovalbumin-sensitized Hartley guinea-pigs challenged with ovalbumin aerosol to induce asthma, were administered EGb761, ASX, vitamin C or ibuprofen. Following killing, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid was evaluated for inflammatory cell infiltrates and lung tissue cyclic nucleotide content. Each parameter measured was significantly altered to a greater degree by drug combinations, than by each component acting independently. An optimal combination was identified that included astaxanthin (10 mg/kg), vitamin C (200 mg/kg) and EGb761 (10 mg/kg), resulting in counts of eosinophils and neutrophils each 1.6-fold lower; macrophages 1.8-fold lower, cAMP 1.4-fold higher; and cGMP 2.04-fold higher than levels in untreated, asthmatic animals (p < 0.05). In conclusion, EGb761, ASX and vitamin C are shown here to interact summatively to suppress inflammation with efficacy equal to or better than ibuprofen, a widely used non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID). Such combinations of non-toxic phytochemicals constitute powerful tools for the prevention of onset of acute and chronic inflammatory disease if consumed regularly by healthy individuals; and may also augment the effectiveness of therapy for those with established illness.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Elméleti orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
egyetemen (Magyarországon) készült közlemény
Megjelenés:Phytotherapy Research. - 25 : 1 (2011), p. 128-136. -
További szerzők:Varga Balázs (1984-) (kísérletes farmakológus) Bak István (1975-) (vegyész, analitikus, farmakológus) Juhász Béla (1978-) (kísérletes farmakológus) Mahmoud, Fadia F. Kalantari, Heybatullah Gesztelyi Rudolf (1969-) (kísérletes farmakológus) Lekli István (1981-) (gyógyszerész) Czompa Attila (1985-) (gyógyszerész) Tósaki Árpád (1958-) (kísérletes farmakológus, gyógyszerész)
Pályázati támogatás:TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KONV-2010-0007
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K 72315
PD 78223
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM041160
035-os BibID:PMID:22848037
Első szerző:Mahmoud, Fadia F.
Cím:Sour Cherry Seed Kernel Extract Increases Heme Oxygenase-1 Expression and Decreases Representation of CD3+ TNF-[alfa] + and CD3+ IL-8+ Subpopulations in Peripheral Blood Leukocyte Cultures from Type 2 Diabetes Patients / Fadia F. Mahmoud, Rana Al-Awadhi, David D. Haines, Ali Dashti, Hussain Dashti, Ebaa Al-Ozairi, Istvan Bak, Arpad Tosaki
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Gyógyszerészeti tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
külföldön készült közlemény
Megjelenés:Phytotherapy Research 27 : 5 (2013), p. 767-774. -
További szerzők:Al-Awadhi, Rana Haines, David Donald (1981-) (gyógyszerész) Dashti, Ali Dashti, Hussain Al-Ozairi, Ebaa Bak István (1975-) (vegyész, analitikus, farmakológus) Tósaki Árpád (1958-) (kísérletes farmakológus, gyógyszerész)
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