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Első szerző:First Hungarian Epigenetics Meeting 2012 (1) (2012) (Semmelweis Egyetem Nagyvárat téri Elméleti Tömb)
Cím:First Hungarian Epigenetics Meeting 2012 / Arányi Tamás, Bálint Bálint László, Imre Boros, András Falus, László Nagy
Megjelenés:Budapest : Magyar Biokémiai Egyesület, 2012
Terjedelem:30 p.
Megjegyzések:You are cordially invited to the first Hungarian Epigenetics Conference to be held at the Theoretical Block of Semmelweis University, Nagyvárad Square, on 20-21 September 2012. The aim of the conference is to build links between researchers and clinicians interested in epigenetics and gene expression regulation and to facilitate the flow of information. Our aim is to attract leading researchers, both national and international, to present the state of the art in the field and the available methodologies. We have a clear intention to promote the rapid application of results by strengthening the links between basic and clinical research. The conference will focus on a wide range of issues, in particular on covalent modifications at the chromatin level (DNA and histone modifications) and their effects. The following speakers have so far accepted our invitation: Imre Boros University of Szeged, Hungary Peter Holland University of Oxford, Great Britain Takuya Imamura Kyoto University, Japan László Nagy University of Debrecen, Hungary András Páldi Généthon, France Jannis Talianidis BSRC, Vari, Greece László Tora IGBMC, Strasbourg, France The other speakers will be selected by the scientific organising committee on the basis of the abstracts submitted. The conference language will be English. A gala dinner will follow the 20 poster session on the 20th. Deadline for abstract submission: 6 September.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Elméleti orvostudományok konferenciakiadvány
További szerzők:Arányi Tamás (1971-) (kutatóorvos) Bálint Bálint László (1971-) (kutató orvos) Boros Imre Falus András Nagy László (1966-) (molekuláris sejtbiológus, biokémikus)
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