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001-es BibID:BIBFORM105795
035-os BibID:(Scopus)85134686002
Első szerző:Molnár V. Attila (biológus, botanikus)
Cím:Törökországi nyárfaültetvények: az orchideák figyelmen kívül hagyott élőhelye / Molnár V. Attila, Fekete Réka, Süveges Kristóf, Lovas-Kiss Ádám, Löki Viktor, Nagy Tímea, Takács Attila
ISSN:0006-8144 2415-9662
Megjegyzések:Turkey's orchid fl ora is one of the richest in the Mediterranean region, but is also under threat from intensification of agriculture, land-use change, habitat loss, overgrazing and salep harvesting (tuber collection). With this study, we would like to draw attention to the importance of economic poplar plantations as orchid habitats. In six of the eight plantations surveyed in fi ve provinces of Turkey, altogether 12 orchid species (Anacamptis elegans, A. fragrans, A. pyramidalis, Cephalanthera longifolia, C. damasonium, Epipactis helleborine, E. persica, Himantoglossum jankae, Ophrys apifera, O. oestrifera, Ophrys sp., Serapias feldwegiana) were found. In the plantations with an average area of only 0.27+-0.21 hectares, the presence of 0?5 orchid species was recorded (mean ?SD = 1.88 ?1.80). Th e density of orchid populations varied from 0 to 355.6 specimens per hectare. Both tuberous and rhizomatous orchids were encountered in the studied plantations, but the former ones were dominant: 8 species (67%) and 232 specimens (94%) of the studied orchids were tuberous. Th e average trunk diameter in poplar plantations harboring orchids ranged from 16.7 to 21.8 cm. In the surveyed plantations, there were no traces of tuber harvesting or overgrazing, which may contribute to their suitability as habitat for orchids. Considering the recent extent of poplar plantations and their expected further increase in Turkey, studying their role in orchid conservation seems important and timely.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Biológiai tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
Asia minor
Populus xcanadensis
salep harvest
short rotation coppice plantations
Megjelenés:Botanikai Közlemények. - 109 : 1 (2022), p. 55-66. -
További szerzők:Fekete Réka (1993-) (biológus) Süveges Kristóf (1994-) Lovas-Kiss Ádám (1991-) (biológus, botanikus) Löki Viktor (1989-) (biológus) Nagy Timea (1985-) (vegyész, angol-magyar szakfordító) Takács Attila
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM104209
Első szerző:Süveges Kristóf
Cím:Native and alien poplar plantations are important habitats for terrestrial orchids / Süveges, Kristóf; Vincze, Orsolya; Löki, Viktor; Lovas-Kiss, Ádám; Takács, Attila; Fekete, Réka; Tüdősné Budai, Júlia; Molnár V., Attila
Megjegyzések:Poplar monocultures are some of the most common short-rotation coppices. While they are most often considered of low environmental value, they have recently gained recognition for their multifaceted role in ecological engineering, such as carbon sinks, soil remediators or green energy producers. Nonetheless, the biodiversity of poplar plantations remains little known and largely overlooked. Here we conducted a systematic botanical survey of 232 poplar plantations within the Pannonian ecoregion (central Europe) in order to assess their plant diversity, with particular focus on terrestrial orchids. Our results highlight that almost 60% of poplar monocultures harbour terrestrial orchids, some with several thousand specimens. Overall, we documented the occurrence of 15 species of terrestrial orchids in the surveyed plantations, including taxa with limited distributions and a threatened conservation status. For instance, we report numerous new populations of Epipactis bugacenis and E. tallosii in poplar plantations, suggesting that the majority of these taxa occur in poplar monocultures within Hungary. We analysed and highlight soil chemistry and plantation characteristics that predict the occurrence and species richness of terrestrial orchids in poplar monocultures. The probability of orchids being present is highest in older and larger poplar plantations, characterized by high total organicmatter content and high soil pH.We conclude that plantations of native and alien poplar harbour valuable plant communities, including terrestrial orchids and other vascular plants of significant conservation importance. Using the knowledge generated here, we recommend delaying or partial harvest of poplar plantations to increase their conservation potential.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Biológiai tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
anthropogenic habitats
biodiversity conservation
poplar monocultures
Megjelenés:Preslia. - 94 : 3 (2022), p. 429-445. -
További szerzők:Vincze Orsolya (1988-) (biológus) Löki Viktor (1989-) (biológus) Lovas-Kiss Ádám (1991-) (biológus, botanikus) Takács Attila Fekete Réka (1993-) (biológus) Budai Júlia (1986-) (okleveles környezetkutató) Molnár V. Attila (1969-) (biológus, botanikus)
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