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Első szerző:Babszki Gergely
Cím:COVID-19 Infection Alters the Microbiome : elite Athletes and Sedentary Patients Have Similar Bacterial Flora / Gergely Babszky, Ferenc Torma, Dora Aczel, Peter Bakonyi, Zoltan Gombos, Janos Feher, Dóra Szabó, Balázs Ligeti, Sándor Pongor, Laszlo Balogh, Anikó Pósa, Zsolt Radak
Megjegyzések:Regular exercise can upgrade the efficiency of the immune system and beneficially alter the composition of the gastro-intestinal microbiome. We tested the hypothesis that active athletes have a more diverse microbiome than sedentary subjects, which could provide better protection against COVID-19 during infection. Twenty active competing athletes (CA) (16 male and 4 females of the national first and second leagues), aged 24.15 ? 4.7 years, and 20 sedentary subjects (SED) (15 male and 5 females), aged 27.75 ? 7.5 years, who had been diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 by a PCR test, served as subjects for the study. Fecal samples collected five to eight days after diagnosis and three weeks after a negative COVID-19 PCR test were used for microbiome analysis. Except for two individuals, all subjects reported very mild and/or mild symptoms of COVID-19 and stayed at home under quarantine. Significant differences were not found in the bacterial flora of trained and untrained subjects. On the other hand, during COVID-19 infection, at the phylum level, the relative abundance of Bacteroidetes was elevated during COVID-19 compared to the level measured three weeks after a negative PCR test (p < 0.05) when all subjects were included in the statistical analysis. Since it is known that Bacteroidetes can suppress toll-like receptor 4 and ACE2-dependent signaling, thus enhancing resistance against pro-inflammatory cytokines, it is suggested that Bacteroidetes provide protection against severe COVID-19 infection. There is no difference in the microbiome bacterial flora of trained and untrained subjects during and after a mild level of COVID-19 infection.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Sporttudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Megjelenés:Genes. - 12 : 10 (2021), p. 1-11. -
További szerzők:Torma Ferenc Aczél Dóra Bakonyi Péter Gombos Zoltán Fehér János Szabó Dóra Ligeti Balázs Pongor Sándor Balogh László (1976-) (sporttudomány) Pósa Anikó Radák Zsolt
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM105801
035-os BibID:(WOS)000456026500006 (Scopus)85056218353
Első szerző:Radák Zsolt
Cím:Exercise effects on physiological function during aging / Zsolt Radak, Ferenc Torma, Istvan Berkes, Sataro Goto, Tatsuya Mimura, Aniko Posa, Laszlo Balogh, Istvan Boldogh, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Mitsuru Higuchi, Erika Koltai
Megjegyzések:The decrease in cognitive/motor functions and physical abilities severely affects the aging population in carrying out daily activities. These disabilities become a burden on individuals, families and society in general. It is known that aging conditions are ameliorated with regular exercise, which attenuates the age-associated decline in maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), decreases in oxidative damage to molecules, and functional impairment in various organs. While benefits of physical exercise are well-documented, the molecular mechanisms responsible for functional improvement and increases in health span are not well understood. Recent findings imply that exercise training attenuates the age-related deterioration in the cellular housekeeping system, which includes the proteasome, Lon protease, autophagy, mitophagy, and DNA repair systems, which beneficially impacts multiple organ functions. Accumulating evidence suggests that exercise lessens the deleterious effects of aging. However, it seems unlikely that systemic effects are mediated through a specific biomarker. Rather, complex multifactorial mechanisms are involved to maintain homeostatic functions that tend to decline with age.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Sporttudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Cellular housekeeping
Mitochondrial dynamics
Megjelenés:Free Radical Biology And Medicine. - 132 (2019), p. 33-41. -
További szerzők:Torma Ferenc Berkes István Goto, Sataro Mimura, Tatsuya Pósa Anikó Balogh László (1976-) (sporttudomány) Boldogh István Suzuki, Katsuhiko Higuchi, Mitsuru Koltai Erika
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