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001-es BibID:BIBFORM107397
Első szerző:Barnucz Nóra (angol-magyar nyelv és irodalom szakos tanár)
Cím:Applying Artificial Intelligence in English for Law Enforcement in the Digital Age / Barnucz Nóra; Dominek Dalma Lilla; Uricska Erna; Czékmán Balázs; Bujdosóné Dani Erzsébet
Megjegyzések:In order to develop the digital and communication competences, considered to be essential to fulfil positions appearing in the 21st century (Barnucz 2020; Uricska 2020), innovative good practices with Augmented Reality (AR) (Czékmán 2017) and the HY-DE model (Dani 2014) are carried out among students in ESP classes at the Faculty of Law Enforcement, University of Public Service. The AR software works with mobile devices and interactively combines the real and virtual worlds in real time, captured in 3D (Azuma 1997; Szűts-Yoo 2013). The HY-DE model aims to lead the changes of hyper- and deeper attention in higher education. The classroom research is implemented with study and control groups: (1) in the control group, traditional methods; (2) in the study group 1 the AR software (3) while in the study group 2 the HY-DE model and AR software are used for the learning materials. The experiment is being carried out in the academic year 2021/2022. We have different measurement tools: (1) pre- & post-tests for measuring the students' vocabulary knowledge; (2) after each test lesson, the flow-state of the students is measured by using a 20-item questionnaire (Dominek 2020); (3) a questionnaire for learning style by Felder-Solomon (2004). In the first test lesson held in the fall semester of this academic year, the flow experience of the two test groups was above 80%. It means that the students perceived the process of the learning material with AR and HY-DE as a challenge and was stored as an experience by themselves.
ISBN:978 605 9596 60 2
Tárgyszavak:Bölcsészettudományok Neveléstudományok előadáskivonat
augmented reality
HY-DE model
higher education
ESP classes
Megjelenés:9th International Communication Days Communication Studies in the Digital Age Symposium Abstracts Book / ed. Nazife Güngör. - p. 72. -
További szerzők:Dominek Dalma Lilla Uricska Erna Czékmán Balázs (1982-) (okleveles pedagógia szakos bölcsész) Bujdosóné Dani Erzsébet (1968-) (informatikus-könyvtáros)
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