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001-es BibID:BIBFORM094515
Első szerző:Damak, Mariem
Cím:Statistical evaluation of composting processes in an automated aerobic fermentation system / Mariem Damak, Nagy Péter Tamás, Tóth Florence, Magyar Tamás
Megjegyzések:The poultry industry is a very dynamic sector that is continuously growing all over the world generating an extensive amount of organic waste. Composting is a sustainable and effective method for the treatment of biodegradable wastes, therefore integrating the recycling process into the circular economy of agriculture. The quality of the mature compost can be controlled by the proper adjustment of initial parameters of the feeding material and the operational circumstances. In the present paper, the above mentioned key parameters of the composting processes were investigated seasonally (spring, summer and autumn 2019) in an aerobic fermentation system. Our results pointed out that the composting stages can be separated based on the temperature and the moisture content. The length of the fermentation stages and their proportion were determined by the chemical composition and the initial temperature of the feeding material which have a significant effect on the product quality as well. It was observed that the length of the thermophilic stage was the double in the summer period which resulted in an intensive fermentation, than in case of the spring and autumn periods, where similar temperature tendencies were measured. The maximum temperature values were formed in the thermophilic phase (approx. 55?C) in each season, where the local minimum of ammonium concentrations were also detected due to the exact location of the manure turning and chopping mechanical (MTCM) system. As a result of the examinations, the fermentation technology can be significantly shortened. Furthermore, a statistical evaluation had been performed in order to find correlation among the investigated parameters. Linear correlations were statistically proven between the temperature and moisture content (R2=0.627; p<0.05) as well as ammonium content and temperature (R2=0.758; p<0.05). Moreover, based on the obtained results of the statistical analysis, it was concluded that the homogenization of the feeding material was not adequate during the fermentation process, therefore the development of the MTCM system is strongly suggested.
Tárgyszavak:Műszaki tudományok Agrárműszaki tudományok előadáskivonat
poultry manure
composting process
key parameters
statistical evaluation
Megjelenés:International Symposium on Environment, Health and Safety (ISEHS) 2021: Book of Abstracts. - p. 11
További szerzők:Nagy Péter Tamás (1970-) (vegyész) Tóth Florence Alexandra (1973-) (biológus, molekuláris- és sejtbiológia) Magyar Tamás (1987-) (környezetmérnök)
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