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001-es BibID:BIBFORM095021
Első szerző:Drotár Nikolett (gimnáziumi tanár)
Cím:Tudatos turizmus- környezettudatos turista / Drotár Nikolett, Petykó Csilla, Jusztin Márta, Schultz Éva, Bártfai Endre
Megjegyzések:Sustainability and sustainable development are one of the global problems that can be seen in the 21st century. Long-termsolutions to the problems are still waiting for them. nowadays, we can hear more and more newscasts, read about Internet portals about the consequences of global problems. That is why we consider the topicto be current, that is, we have studied the subject of our research, sustainable development, responsible tourism and awareness among highschool students. The purpose of our research is totransform the vision of the future of tourists, which is mainly about consciousness and sustainability. We also selected highschool students for the target group as they will be future tourists and it is important to know what kind of knowledge and attitude they have to the natural environment in relation to tourism. The research was conductedin team with the teachers of the Budapest University of Economics, students and externaltrainers. Two hypotheses have been setup in the study,one that knowledge about sustainability and responsible tourism is not knownamong highschool students. And the practical application of sustainability is not implementedin highschool spaces. Primary research has shown that students learn tirelessly about sustainability through threenatural science subjects. 10% of students surveyed selected the sustainability activity in the mandatory 50-hour exercise. During thestudy, we concluded that not only in the field of naturalsciences, but also in other subjects, for example in history, it would be possible to address the question of sustainability tangentially. Sustainability is a part of the practical activities of schools, but students are not aware of their actions outside school activities, for example trip sorvacations. In sum, sustainable development and awareness are not given enough emphasisin secondary education. In the field of science and tourism subjects, the students hear about the importance of the topic, but that is not enough for their actions to be formed by consciousness. For the 50 hour community service, most of the activities related to sustainability are offered by specialized grammarschools for students. The study found that students practic epractical activity as a burden and there for etryto choose a task that doesnot dominate consciousness but to do assoonas possible. In schoolscenes, it is not enough to focus on sustainability, awareness, and responsibility for responsible tourism theory, but also to encourage the formation of attitudes. The concept of conscious tourism should be taught from kindergarten and schoolage, in such a way that the practical realization of conscious tourism is recognized at the skill level. In thefuture, there should be excursions where awareness-raising activities ar eputinplace and awareness of each age group in accordance with ages pecificities.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok tanulmány, értekezés
Megjelenés:Változások és kihívások a turizmusban / főszerk. Szalók Csilla. - p. 46-56. -
További szerzők:Petykó Csilla Jusztin Márta Schultz Éva Bártfai Endre
Internet cím:Intézményi repozitóriumban (DEA) tárolt változat
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