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Első szerző:Bonacorsi, D.
Cím:CMS results in the Combined Computing Readiness Challenge CCRC'08 / D. Bonacorsi, L. Bauerdick, CMS Collaboration
Megjegyzések:During February and May 2008, CMS participated to the Combined Computing Readiness Challenge (CCRC'08) together with all other LHC experiments. The purpose of this worldwide exercise was to check the readiness of the Computing infrastructure for LHC data taking. Another set of major CMS tests called Computing, Software and Analysis challenge (CSA'08) - as well as CMS cosmic runs - were also running at the same time: CCRC augmented the load on computing with additional tests to validate and stress-test all CMS computing workflows at full data taking scale, also extending this to the global WLCG community. CMS exercised most aspects of the CMS computing model, with very comprehensive tests. During May 2008, CMS moved more than 3.6 Petabytes among more than 300 links in the complex Grid topology. CMS demonstrated that is able to safely move data out of CERN to the Tier-1 sites, sustaining more than 600 MB/s as a daily average for more than seven days in a row, with enough headroom and with hourly peaks of up to 1.7 GB/s. CMS ran hundreds of simultaneous jobs at each Tier-1 site, re-reconstructing and skimming hundreds of millions of events. After re-reconstruction the fresh AOD (Analysis Object Data) has to be synchronized between Tier-1 centers: CMS demonstrated that the required inter-Tier-1 transfers are achievable within a few days. CMS also showed that skimmed analysis data sets can be transferred to Tier-2 sites for analysis at sufficient rate, regionally as well as inter-regionally, achieving all goals in about 90% of >200 links. Simultaneously, CMS also ran a large Tier-2 analysis exercise, where realistic analysis jobs were submitted to a large set of Tier-2 sites by a large number of people to produce a chaotic workload across the systems, and with more than 400 analysis users in May. Taken all together, CMS routinely achieved submissions of 100k jobs/day, with peaks up to 200k jobs/day. The achieved results in CCRC'08 - focussing on the distributed workflows - are presented and discussed.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Fizikai tudományok konferenciacikk
Megjelenés:Nuclear Physics B : Proceedings Supplement. - 197 : 1 (2009), p. 99-108. -
További szerzők:Bauerdick, L. Béni Noémi (1980-) (kísérleti fizikus) Pálinkás József (1952-) (fizikus) Szillási Zoltán (1971-) (fizikus) Raics Péter (1944-) (fizikus) Szabó Zsolt (1963-) (fizikus) Trócsányi Zoltán (1961-) (fizikus) Ujvári Balázs (1977-) (fizikus) Zilizi Gyula (1965-) (fizikus) CMS Collaboration
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