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Első szerző:Wiwczaroski, Troy B. (nyelvész)
Cím:The Native Speaker in the (Inter)Cultural Classroom : Cultural Consciousness Raising to Students in 'Broken Cultures' [elektronikus dokumentum] / Troy B. Wiwczaroski
Megjelenés:[S.l.] : [S.n.], 2002-
Megjegyzések:Leírás a nyitóképernyőről, 2008.04.21.
This article evolves out of almost a decade of experience teaching an 'American Culture and Civilization' course to Hungarian students learning English-Hungarian technical translation. The author explores the need to ensure that students' understanding of the value of their own culture is developed and strong, before teaching a class on a foreign culture. Students lacking a psychologically healthy view of their own society will too easily fall back on stereotypes and overgeneralizations in learning about an other. More poignantly, they might present their own culture as standing inferiorly to the one presented to them in class. For these reasons, especially native speaker teachers working abroad need to cultivate positive thinking in their students not only about both the culture under study, but equally about their students' own culture, in order to avoid creating new or perpetuating already existing misunderstandings. This is because the weight of the native speaker teacher's words and opinions, indeed the very status of such a faculty member in the students' view, are disproportionately great, and can cause more damage than good.
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Tárgyszavak:Bölcsészettudományok Média- és kommunikációs tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Intercultural communication
Hungarian culture
communication skills
Megjelenés:ESP World : [elektronikus dokumentum]. - 6 : 1 (14) (2007), p. 1-12. -
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elektronikus változat
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