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001-es BibID:BIBFORM004304
Első szerző:Posta László (agrárökonómus)
Cím:Land Rent Conditions at Present in Hungary / Posta László, Szabó Bernadett, Buzás Ferenc Ede
Megjegyzések:The change of regime started in 1989 opened a new era in relating to the ownership and use conditions of land. By the newer ownership change, the government started to privatize land emphasizing the primary and exclusive nature of land. As a result of the compensation, private ownership became the elemental for owning land. This resulted in the fact that land rent came into prominence, as many land owners could not or did not want to cultivate their property, on the other hand, farms using land formerly lost their land ownership and were forced to rent land if they wished to carry on the agricultural activity. All these contributed to the appearance of a new cost element, to the land rent. On the basis of surveys and the carried out calculations, the value of the paid land rent in Hungary is more or less in accordance with the value calculated from real land prices by capitalization rates accepted in Western Europe. This means that land owners have to content themselves with lower proceeds in some cases after their capital as if they could lend their land property in Western Europe, which is considered as a disadvantage for them.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Gazdálkodás- és szervezéstudományok tanulmány, értekezés
Megjelenés:50. Georgikon Napok : Keszthely, 2008. szeptember 25-26. / [szerk. Palkovics Miklós, Kondorosyné Varga Erika, Pintér Gábor, Weisz Miklós]. - p. 97. -
További szerzők:Szabó Bernadett (1975-) (agrárökonómus) Buzás Ferenc Ede (1968-) (agrárökonómus)
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