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Első szerző:Debreceni Antal
Cím:Raktári automatikus alkatrész azonosítás bevezetése nagyvállalati környezetben / Debreceni Antal, Husi Géza
Megjegyzések:Cycle time reduction is fundamental to customer satisfaction. Lean, Six Sigma and CAP is a collection of straightforward, deceptively simple principles, that can be applied to any process in order to improve it. The main question is how can we use these tools on IT project management. In my article I would like to give an information technology project example. It was complex task and connected with SAP, local systems, mobil barecod reader, logistic prosess, inventory handling, etc. We work with external and internal developers from Us to India. Automatic Component Identification (ACI) project objective was: - Standardize raw material and component lot identification; - Simplify raw material and component inventory booking and distribution process for component factories. - Provide "digital" delivery documents for components receiving in assembly plants. - Optimize flows using Lean tools. Six Sigma has proven an invaluable tool at GE for reducing defects and variance in processes, by employing a rigorous, tool based, data driven methodology. It is a business philosophy that strives for continous improvement - a goal it shares with Lean. Lean takes a wing to wing perspective of the flow of value within an organisation, and deploys simple tools to quickly realize results. While Six Sigma attempts to reduce defects and variance in a process, Lean zeroes in on the steps that do not add value to the final product and removes that waste using techniques such as Poka Yoke, Jidoka and others. CAP is a simple methodology developed by GE in 1992. The seven steps of the process look at how an organization leads change by creating a shared need, creating a vision, mobilizing commitment, making change last, monitoring progress and developing proper systems and structures.
Tárgyszavak:Műszaki tudományok Gépészeti tudományok előadáskivonat
LEAN menedzsment
automatikus alkatrész azonosítás
Megjelenés:15th "Building Services, Mechanical and Building Industry Days" : International Conference : Debrecen, ... 15-16 October 2009 / szerk. Kalmár Ferenc, Kocsis Imre, Csomós György, Csáki Imre. - p. 298-310. -
További szerzők:Husi Géza (1962-) (gépészmérnök, mechatronikai mérnök, számítógépes tervezőmérnök)
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