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001-es BibID:BIBFORM018425
Első szerző:Csoknyai Tamás (épületgépész mérnök)
Cím:Monitoring of a close-to-zero energy building / Tamás Csoknyai, Attila Talamon
Megjegyzések:In the recent five years close-to-zero energy houses have appeared also inEastern Europe. Currently there are some dozens of buildings in Hungary, five of them arequalified passive houses. The qualification of five other buildings are under progress. The paper presents an ongoing monitoring in a close-to-zero energy house near Budapest.The monitoring started in 2009 summer, thus the data of two summer seasons and one heating season are already available. The purpose of the monitoring is testing the close-to zero energy concept in continental climate. In Hungary extreme outdoor minimum temperatures below-20 oC and maximum temperatures above 38 oC can occur. The monitored building was built with polystyrene cells filled with cast concrete. Although this kind of construction isheavy, the concrete does not take part in the daily heat storage processes, because it is "packed" into the polystyrene. Therefore the summer performance was expected to be risky. As a consequence the building was equipped with a ground heat exchanger with liquid heat transfer medium and the HRV ventilation was operated during summer.The test results are positive: the peak indoor temperatures did not exceed 26 oC indoors (without active cooling) and in winter the heating energy consumption stayed below 17 kWh/m2a. Since the construction of the building in 2009 several heat supply alternatives as wellas heat recovery units have been installed and tested: simple electric radiators, high efficientelectric radiators, air heating with heat pump, recuperative and regenerative heat recovery units.The frequent modification of the systems provided an opportunity to compare the differentsolutions with the monitoring. Low cost solutions applied in the building are also described inthe paper. With a wise management and smart compromises the building owner could keep theconstruction costs under 750 euros/m2 that is equivalent to a standard building construction inthe country.
Tárgyszavak:Műszaki tudományok Gépészeti tudományok előadáskivonat
close-to-zero energy houses
Megjelenés:Sustainability of Constructions : towards a better built environment - Proceedings of the Final Conference of COST Action C25 : [03-05 february 2011, Innsbruck, Austria]. - p. 477-485. -
További szerzők:Talamon Attila (1985-) (okleveles gépészmérnök, okleveles mechatronikai mérnök, okleveles számítógépes tervező szakmérnök)
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