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001-es BibID:BIBFORM034836
Első szerző:Abd-el Wahab, M.
Cím:Functional improvement after knee arthroplasty without resurfacing of patella / Abd-el Wahab M., Szepesi K., Szűcs G., Farkas Cs., Csernátony Z.
Megjegyzések:There has been no universal agreement so far regarding the necessity of patellar resurfacing in total knee arthroplasty. As resurfacing has been reported to be associated with high incidence of complications, this practice has been avoided in our Department. A report is given on the analysis of the functional outcome of 60 knee arthroplasties without patellar resurfacing in 53 patients (7 bilateral) followed up for twelve to thirty months, with special regard to the functions closely related to patelloformal articulation. The underlying diagnosis was osteoarthritis in 78.3%, rheumatoid arthritis in 13.3%, and posttraumatic arthritis in 8.3% of the patients. Graded according to the modified knee-rating system of the Hospital for Special Surgery, excellent or good results were obtained in the case of 55 knees (91.6%) and the mean score improved from 53.6 points preoperatively to 82.6 points following arthroplasty. Subjective and objective functional assessment of stair climbing and transfer activities have shown no functional deficit attributed to the patellofemoral joint of the replaced knee.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
Megjelenés:Acta Chirurgica Hungarica 37 : 1-2 (1998), p. 59-66. -
További szerzők:Szepesi Kálmán (1938-) (ortopéd sebész) Szűcs G. Farkas Csaba Csernátony Zoltán (1959-2023) (ortopéd sebész, traumatológus)
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