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001-es BibID:BIBFORM077951
Első szerző:Herdon Miklós (gépészmérnök)
Cím:Development support of diversified food production and agroturism by innovative agroforestry education / M. Herdon, J. Tamás, C. Burriel, L. Várallyai, P. Lengyel, J. Pancsira, Sz. Botos
Megjegyzések:The family farmers can produce quality organic products. The food and nutrition needs of the family are amply fulfilled with a production including rice (black, red), pigs, poultry, goats, fish, roots, fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs and feed for livestock. The main project objective of the AgroFE (Leonardo) and Agrof-MM (Erasmus+) European projects is to develop an agroforestry training system, based on a common framework and core content, and to promote training at European level. The Method as backbone of an organised, planned process was from training design, development, experimentation and assessment. Developing a European level training system there was established a common professional referential whose training declination called 'Core Content'. The process was based on 3 stages. 1) Collecting of information from actors and stakeholders; 2) Organizing of the information collected in a structured document; 3) Validating the reference book). In developing ICT tools the phases were 1) Design the architecture; 2) Building the prototype; 3; Testing; 4) Using the services (website, e-learning system; knowledge base; etc.).Trainings should involve professionals, agroforestry farmers, and should be as innovative as possible: field based trainings, usages of ICTs, development of training materials. Supporting these objectives a collection of different resources were made, the professional book of references has been developed, the knowledge data base and more collaborative and dissemination systems have been also developed. The knowledge databank is a component of the project training system which consist of the RUBEDO which uses a data base management software (DBMSSGBD), type 'NoSQL', MongoDB, and the user interface with the ElasticSearch search engine. The agroforestry will be important for rural areas and farms according to more aspects. Environmental, economic, agricultural production, rural living are very important issues and the trainings need innovative ICT support.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Közgazdaságtudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
knowledge databank
Megjelenés:Journal of EcoAgriTourism. - 14 : 1 (2018), p. 81-88. -
További szerzők:Tamás János (1959-) (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök) Burriel, Charles Várallyai László (1962-) (informatika tanár) Lengyel Péter (1976-) (matematika tanár, informatikus, közgazdász) Pancsira János (1983-) (programszervező informatikus) Botos Szilvia (1986-) (gazdasági agrármérnök)
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