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001-es BibID:BIBFORM077961
Első szerző:Cseh Papp Imola (közgazdász)
Cím:Towards sustainable vocational training by decreasing pupil dropout rates / I. Cseh-Papp, T. Wiwczaroski, T. Csapóné Riskó
Megjegyzések:One of the criteria of economic development is a sustainable labour market, which is determined by the development of social consciousness and education. The acquiring of expertise increases the immaterial capital of the individual and also contributes to the reduction of social inequalities. Most of the current educational systems and policies are neither sustainable nor effective. They cannot reach their own stated educational goals and they are rather expensive. The outstanding problem of vocational training is the high dropout rate since vocational schools have become, in many cases, an educational sphere used as a catch-all for disadvantaged pupils. Dropping out is a complex problem, which cannot be solved only by the regulation of education. Regulation should involve prevention, intervention and compensation measures. The proviso of prevention, that teachers should identify pupils in danger of dropping out as soon as possible, is based on timely recognition of visible signs in such pupils. This study investigates possible ways to keep those pupils enrolled and active in vocational training programs - both with extremely high (agricultural) and low (economics) dropout rates. As a research question, we investigated whether by studying the backgrounds, attitudes, skills and competences of pupils, those pupils could be identified at the beginning who need and are worthy of special care. The results proved the assumption.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Közgazdaságtudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
vocational school
labor market
Megjelenés:Journal of EcoAgriTourism. - 14 : 2 (2018), p. 10-16. -
További szerzők:Wiwczaroski, Troy B. (1967-) (nyelvész) Csapóné Riskó Tünde (1967-) (okleveles agrármérnök)
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