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Első szerző:Glant Tibor (történész)
Cím:A Szent Korona a tengerentúlon és az utolsó hazatérés (1944-1978) / Glant Tibor
Megjegyzések:The most recent absence of the Holy Crown of Hungary lasted from March 1945 through January 1978. It was taken out of the country by the Royal Hungarian Crown Guard on orders from the Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi. It spent eight years in Germany before it was moved to Fort Knox, Kentucky, in March 1953, where it lay in continued American custody until January 4, 1978. It was flown back to Hungary on January 5, on board Air Force Two. It wenton public display in the Hungarian National Museum at the end of the month and was moved to its current resting place, the Hungarian Parliament, in 2000. Together with the crown chest (remodeled in 1939), the royal orb, scepter and sword, as well as the coronation mantle (robe) the Holy Crown bounced around various American deposits in German territory after the war. It spent half of that time in the care of the Monuments Men (MFAA) and the other half in safety deposits. In 1947-1948, the U. S. decided neither to return it to communist Hungary, nor to the Vatican, where it allegedly had come from. For 18 years (1953-1970), the Crown wasa non-issue in bilateral U. S.-Hungarian relations. When the "normalization" of relations began in 1969, the Crown was first linked to the fate of József Cardinal Mindszenty, then guest-in-refuge of the American Embassy in Budapest. Animated protests from Hungarian Americans participating in Republican election campaigns (through the Ethnic Heritage Groups) and various members of Congress (among them Senator J. William Fulbright), the Nixon and Ford administrations decided to delay return indefinitely. It was the newly elected Carter administration that made the decision in 1977 and carried it out, despite what Hungarians in the U. S. remember as "the last battle for St. Stephen's Crown". National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, extorted many concessions from Budapest in return for the American gesture, making it possible for expelled Hungarians (among them Prof. István Deák of Columbia and Representative Ted Weiss of New York as members of the American delegation and Csanád Tóth as Secretary of State Cyrus Vance's translator) to visit their native land. The return helped raise interest in Hungarian history and bring about political change by 1989.
ISBN:978 963 416 139 4
Tárgyszavak:Bölcsészettudományok Történelemtudományok tanulmány, értekezés
Megjelenés:A Szent Korona hazatér: A magyar korona tizenegy külföldi útja (1205-1978) / szerk. Pálffy Géza. - p. 563-605. -
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