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001-es BibID:BIBFORM090572
035-os BibID:(cikkazonosító)78
Első szerző:Csősz Sándor (Biológus)
Cím:The Myrmecofauna (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Hungary: Survey of Ant Species with an Annotated Synonymic Inventory / Csősz Sándor, Báthori Ferenc, Gallé László, Lőrinczi Gábor, Maák István, Tartally András, Kovács Éva, Somogyi Anna Ágnes, Markó Bálint
Megjegyzések:Ants (Hymenoptera: Forimicidae) are exceedingly common in nature. They constitute a conspicuous part of the terrestrial animal biomass and are also considered common ecosystem engineers. Due to their key role in natural habitats, they are at the basis of any nature conservation policy. Thus, the first step in developing adequate conservation and management policies is to build a precise faunistic inventory. More than 16,000 valid ant species are registered worldwide, of which 126 are known to occur in Hungary. Thanks to the last decade's efforts in the Hungarian myrmecological research, and because of the constantly changing taxonomy of several problematic ant genera, a new checklist of the Hungarian ants is presented here. The state of the Hungarian myrmecofauna is also discussed in the context of other European countries' ant fauna. Six species (Formica lemani, Lasius nitidigaster, Tetramorium immigrans, T. staerckei, T. indocile and Temnothorax turcicus) have been reported for the first time in the Hungarian literature, nine taxon names were changed after systematic replacements, nomenclatorial act, or as a result of splitting formerly considered continuous populations into more taxa. Two species formerly believed to occur in Hungary are now excluded from the updated list. All names are nomenclaturally assessed, and complete synonymies applied in the Hungarian literature for a certain taxon are provided. Wherever it is not self-evident, comments are added, especially to explain replacements of taxon names. Finally, we present a brief descriptive comparison of the Hungarian myrmecofauna with the ant fauna of the surrounding countries. The current dataset is a result of ongoing work on inventorying the Hungarian ant fauna, therefore it is expected to change over time and will be updated once the ongoing taxonomic projects are completed.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Biológiai tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Megjelenés:Insects. - 12 : 1 (2021), p. 1-14. -
További szerzők:Báthori Ferenc (1988-) (biológus) Gallé László Lőrinczi Gábor Maák István Elek Tartally András (1975-) (biológus) Kovács Éva Somogyi Anna Ágnes (1988-) (biológus) Markó Bálint
Pályázati támogatás:EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022
'János Bolyai' Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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