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Első szerző:Sipos László
Cím:Eye-Tracker Analysis of the Contrast Sensitivity of Anomalous and Normal Trichromats : a Loglinear Examination with Landolt-C Figures / Sipos László, Gere Attila, Kókai Zoltán, Nyitrai Ákos, Kovács Sándor, Urbin Ágnes, Samu Krisztián, Wenzel Klára
Megjegyzések:Selected and expert sensory assessors should not have any deficiencies that could affect their perception and adversely affect their sensory performance and thus affect the reliability of their evaluations. In sensory practice, numerous pseudoisochromatic images have been developed to test color vision, and the anomaloscope is used instrumentally. The eye-tracking and series of achromatic and colored pseudoisochromatic tests used in our research, and their combination, provide detailed analytical possibilities for the eye movements of the subjects. By testing the achromatic and colored figures, the decision and decision time of groups with different contrast sensitivity can be evaluated together with the survival analysis. The combined method can also be used for diagnostic testing of color vision. The contrast sensitivity of normal and anomalous trichromats were examined with Landolt-C figures by eye-tracking system. For the measurements, two series of test images (achromatic and colored) were designed. The difficulty levels of the tests were gradually increased after each right answer. In the case of the observation of the ring of the Landolt-C figures, the variables related to fixation duration, fixation count, visit duration and count significantly affected this subject, success or image parameters, and their interactions. The main questions of this study were as follows: Which statistical method is suitable to model the differences between anomalous and normal trichromats? Which eye-movement variables have a significant effect on the investigated parameters and on their interactions? Is there any significant difference between eye-movement variables of normal and anomalous trichromats? How does the survival time of anomalous and normal trichromats change in the case of achromatic and colored figures? The results showed that the right answers of anomalous and normal trichromats can be described with multiple or cross-classified contingency tables evaluated effectively by loglinear regression. The survival analysis showed that normal trichromats are more successful in interpreting colored images, while anomalous trichromats seemed to be more efficient in perceiving achromatic images.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Gazdálkodás- és szervezéstudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
color-vision deficiency
loglinear regression
Scheirer-Ray-Hare test
Megjelenés:Applied Sciences-Basel. - 11 : 7 (2021), p. 1-18. -
További szerzők:Gere Attila Kókai Zoltán Nyitrai Ákos Kovács Sándor (1978-) (matematika tanár) Urbin Ágnes Samu Krisztián Wenzel Klára
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