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001-es BibID:BIBFORM100686
Első szerző:Mizsei Edvárd (biológus ökológus)
Cím:Use of distribution modelling for exploring new localities of an endangered European viperid, Vipera ursinii graeca / Edvárd Mizsei, Bálint Üveges, János Pál Tóth
Megjegyzések:Vipera ursinii is one of the most endangered snake species of Europe and provoked strong conservation approaches, and most of its subspecies are subject to elaborate conservation programmes. The only European exception is the Greek meadow viper (V. u. graeca), which is the least studied subspecies in Europe. Furthermore a recent study suggest that it may be a separate, basal species to the V. ursinii complex, thus it may receive a novel conservation status in the future. We have modelled the potential distribution of V. u. graeca with MaxEnt, derived from four ecogeographical layers and 28 presence data in an attempt, to update the list of habitats for this subspecies. We tested the model at six localities, five sites in Albania and one in Greece. We identified the observed vipers based on morphological characteristics and mitochondrial ND4 sequences. We found V. u. graeca at three mountains in Albania and one in Greece, from which two were undocumented localities for this viper until now. Our results show that distribution models are very useful and accurate for designing field research. Furthermore, the model prediction shows further 24 potential, but yet undiscovered habitats for V. u. graeca in addition to 16 already known localities.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Biológiai tudományok előadáskivonat
Megjelenés:17th European Congress of Herpetology Veszprém, Hungary : Programme & Abstracts. - p. 149
További szerzők:Üveges Bálint (1984-) (biológus, ökológus) Tóth János Pál (1981-)
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