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035-os BibID:(WOS)000618621400001 (Scopus)85100909448
Első szerző:Mozsár Attila (környezetkutató, ökológus)
Cím:Sexual trait may simultaneously indicate sperm production and nutritional fitness in uniparental nest-guarding fish : a case study on Amur sleeper / A. Mozsár, A. Specziár, Zs. Pirger, I. Czeglédi, S. Kati, S. A. Nagy, K. Nyeste, D. Somogyi, L. Antal
Megjegyzések:The reproductive success of uniparental males depends much on their nutritional stage (i.e. body condition). Therefore, secondary sexual traits should convey information not only on fecundity but also on nutritional stage. To test this hypothesis, we evaluate relationships between head crest height (HCH), as a secondary sexual trait, relative testes mass (an indicator of sperm production), body condition (an indicator of nutritional status) and body mass of males of uniparental Amur sleeper Perccottus glenii in two contrasting habitats. Furthermore, we examined whether head crest is only a pure investment to advertise male fitness - either to females, rival males or other fish approaching the nest - or it comprises some regainable energy as well. We found that HCH is closely related to relative testes mass, and body condition especially at the beginning of the reproductive period. The head crest consisted of a swollen connective tissue in the supraorbital region of the head, and an oedematous epaxial muscle in the nuchal region. Furthermore, the head crest also comprised of adipose tissue, although not as much as assumed. Therefore, we argue that HCH represents a reliable signal of multiple aspects of male quality; it indicates readiness to spawn and could potentially effectively facilitate female choice towards large males with high fecundity and great nutritional stage, which is essential to good guarding performance. Moreover, the head crest itself also could contribute to nest-guarding performance by virtually enlarging body size and by representing a minor fat reserve.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Környezettudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Megjelenés:Journal Of Zoology. - 314 : 3 (2021), p. 227-233. -
További szerzők:Specziár András Pirger Zsolt Czeglédi István (1988-) (hidrobiológus) Kati Sára (1990-) (hidrobiológus) Nagy Sándor Alex (1956-) (hidrobiológus) Nyeste Krisztián József (1993-) (hidrobiológus) Somogyi Dóra (1996-) (hidrobiológus) Antal László (1984-) (hidrobiológus, biológus-ökológus)
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