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Első szerző:Szőcs Andor (közgazdász)
Cím:Hallgatói munkavállalás és jövőtervek a Partiumi Keresztény Egyetemen / Szőcs Andor
Megjegyzések:Institutions of higher education are important agents of adult socialization. We can fi nd a type of non-traditional students in this milieu for whom simultaneous working and studying is playing a more and more important part according to international data. Research results show that the future employment of the youth is greatly helped by work experience gained during their studies. In our study, we present the features of paid 118 work relating to students of economics at an important university of the historic region of the Partium. Among others, we can see that the work att itudes of students show a high degree of balance: they fi nd emotional and material values equally important. They have a strong inclination to work, on the whole; in this connection, they show a preference for the service sector. The inclination of working and non-working students to work does not show a signifi cant diff erence as it is equally strong in both groups. Geographical mobility and the inclination for migration is higher among those whose economic capital supply is low. At the same time, the active status of parents on the labor market has a positive eff ect on the students' intention to stay: they show a strong intention to fi nd their future employment either in their own or in the county of their university. We can state that the free-time activity of the students is manifold; paid work is something of a novelty in the examined institution of higher education but can become more and more important from the point of view of the future labor market. The students' work att itudes and future plans may also project certain future tendencies on the labor market.
ISBN:978-606-37-1736-9 978-606-9673-33-1
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Szociológiai tudományok tanulmány, értekezés
hallgatói munkavállalás
Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem
Megjelenés:A társadalomtudományok harminc éve a Partiumban: A Partiumi Keresztény Egyetemen 2021-ben szervezett jubileumi konferencia kötete / szerk. Gál Katalin, Pásztor Rita, Székedi Levente. - p. 117-131. -
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