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Első szerző:Saidi, Feyrouz Ahlam
Cím:Urbanization in Algeria : Toward a More Balanced and Sustainable Urban Network? / Feyrouz Ahlam Saidi, Kwanele Phinzi, Ernő Molnár
Megjegyzések:Before colonization, Algeria was primarily a rural country with a nomadic and semi-nomadic population. However, significant changes occurred during and after the colonial era as modernization efforts were implemented. This paper provides a regional overview of Algeria`s pre-and post-millennium urban development based on census population data expressing the quantitative side of urbanization. Our analysis focuses on three aspects: regional structural tendencies of urbanization, sources of urban growth, and the current state of Algeria`s urban network. We contextualize our findings by comparing them with the existing literature and the priorities outlined in the country`s National Spatial Development Plan 2025. Our research suggests that: (1) First-stage (concentration) and second-stage (suburbanization) urbanization features, as well as internally and externally determined development, characterize Algeria`s urban network. (2) A decreasing and regionally differentiated urban growth rate indicating a moderate shift towards non-coastal regions and the above-average dynamics of large cities and smaller towns can be observed. (3) The significance of natural growth as a source of urbanization is higher than the contributions of rural-urban migration and new ?de jure" towns. However, these factors are differentiated among the regions, highlighting the secondary role of rural-urban migration in the internal peripheries and the importance of new ?de jure" towns in the densely populated and urbanized northern regions. (4) Algeria`s urban network is divided into three sharply differentiated zones that have experienced only moderate changes. We regard this shift toward a spatially more balanced urban network as a factor supporting but not guaranteeing sustainable development.
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urban network
regional development
Megjelenés:Social Sciences. - 12 : 3 (2023), p. 1-19. -
További szerzők:Phinzi, Kwanele (1989-) Molnár Ernő (1978-) (geográfus)
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