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001-es BibID:BIBFORM114064
Első szerző:Vargáné Csobán Katalin (angol nyelv és irodalom szakos tanár, közgazdász)
Cím:Sustainable gastronomy as a key driver in agritourism development in Eastern Hungary / Katalin Vargáné Csobán, Péter Horváth, Anett Godáné Sőrés, Károly Pető
Megjegyzések:The Eastern part of Hungary still has a strong traditional food culture based on using local and seasonal ingredients. For the last few years we have seen an increasing demand for authentic culinary experiences, which contributed to the emergence of international and domestic gastronomic exhibitions, thematic routes, and food festivals in the region. The majority of these events are initiated and organized by local governmental agencies. There are also some initiatives at the national level to encourage small-scale producers to sell their agricultural produce locally, although the legislation on food safety hinders agritourism businesses from providing catering on farms. This study aims to explore the linkages between gastronomy and sustainable tourism development, as well as to investigate how tradition and innovation in gastronomy may contribute to agritourism development. Through an analysis of the present-day situation of the various aspects of the local gastronomy at the agritourism market in Eastern Hungary, examples of good practice are highlighted and the most important challenges are identified. The research is based on qualitative methods: participant observation on-site and focus-group interviews of the stakeholders of agritourism. Findings reveal the importance of governmental intervention and the need for long-term planning in agritourism development.
Tárgyszavak:Társadalomtudományok Gazdálkodás- és szervezéstudományok tanulmány, értekezés
sustainable tourism
thematic route
Megjelenés:International Workshop on Agritourism : 2022 Conference Proceedings / szerk. Lisa Chase, Chadley Hollas, Xinyi Qian, Claire Whitehouse. - p. 112-116
További szerzők:Horváth Péter (1983-) (vidékfejlesztési agrármérnök) Sőrés Anett (1984-) (gazdasági agrármérnök) Pető Károly (1958-) (agrármérnök)
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