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Első szerző:Dobi Edit (nyelvész)
Cím:Szemiotikai textológiai jelentésreprezentáció magyar és francia rövidszövegekben : A konstringencia összevető vizsgálata / Dobi Edit, Nagy Andrea
Megjegyzések:The use of semiotic textological approaches and analytical apparatus has characterised the textual research of the Polyglott research group on text linguistics and textual studies at the University of Debrecen since its inception Polyglotticity is most striking in the comparative study of the textual phenomena of certain languages.The aim of the present study can be divided into three strands: Firstly, to focus on aspects, categories, and contexts in the theory and analytical apparatus of semiotic textology that can either be placed in dialogue with the French textlinguistic tradition or, alternatively, can be incorporated as new elements - with the hope of new results - into the current canon; - on the other hand, and closely related to the previous objective, we will illustrate the operation of the thesauristic meaning explication hypothesized by S. János Petőfi as an approach motivated by the representation of textual meaning, showing that there is a close link between the mental arrangement of meanings by human cognition and the representation of the meaning of concrete texts; - thirdly, through concrete comparative short text analyses, we aim to enrich our knowledge of meaning- contextualization of Hungarian and French texts, their similarities and differences (of course, under the strong hypothesis that there is obviously a large overlap in the means of semantic continuity in any language).
Tárgyszavak:Bölcsészettudományok Nyelvtudományok magyar nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
representation of meaning
thesauristic meaning explication
Megjelenés:Argumentum. - 2023 : 19 (2023), p. 355-374. -
További szerzők:Nagy Andrea (1967-) (nyelvész)
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