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Első szerző:Czimre Klára (geográfus)
Cím:Cross-border co-operatioin tendering: actors and activities (Focus: Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013) / Klára Czimre, Constantin-Vasile Toca
Megjegyzések:The paper focuses on two chief aspects of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013: the nature of partnerships and the range of activities. The partners participating in the cross-border projects within the framework of the program are analyzed from various perspectives, including the type of actors (e.g. local actors, undertakings, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, etc.), the basis of the level of their involvement (lead partners and partners, focusing on the distribution of actors on a territorial basis, etc.), and their activity tendencies. We concentrate on the analysis of more than 50 projects that were implemented in the border region between 2007 and 2013. These cover areas such as tradition-preserving, joint sport events, preservation and exploration of common cultural, religious and historical heritage. Besides, these projects involved the ♭most personal' and local approach with the focus on community cooperation. We also looked at these projects from the aspect of how they contributed to the acceptance, sustainability, preservation and functioning of minorities/diasporas. The great variety of actors and the wide range of activities contribute both to the sustainable development and to the resilience of local communities. The research revealed that cross-border regions can be important locations for (local) communities to recover and adapt following persistent stress or a disruptive event, and that the implementation of cross-border projects can be one of the most efficient ways to maintain sustainability and resilience in border regions.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok előadáskivonat
cross-border co-operation
cross-border projects
people-to-people actions
cross-border communities
Megjelenés:Sustainable Development and Resilience of Local Communities and Public Sector Organisations / Cristina Haruta; Cristina M. Hintea; Octavian Moldovan. - p. 196-215. -
További szerzők:Toca, Constantin-Vasile
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