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001-es BibID:BIBFORM094689
035-os BibID:(Scopus)85108577674
Első szerző:Magyar Tamás (környezetgazdálkodás)
Cím:Characterization of the biodegradation of synthetic and organic wastewater in an anaerobic tank reactor using microalgae / Tamás Magyar, Felipe Werle Vogel, Florence Tóth, Attila Nagy, János Tamás, Péter Tamás Nagy
ISSN:2062-0810 2063-4269
Megjegyzések:The anaerobic digestion is a well-known method in waste management of biodegradable wastes to transform waste to energy. Proper digestion requires optimal fermentation conditions to improve the quality and yield of biogas. The objective of this study was to characterize the biodegradation process of synthetic and organic wastewater. Microalgae (Chlorella vulgaris) were utilized as a bioindicator for anaerobic digestion and monitoring of the fermentation process. Besides bioindication, the viability of the microalgae and the chlorophyll concentration were also assessed in such fermentation processes, since microalgae can be a potential source for biofuel production and a plant nutrient. The biodegradation process was studied for a month in an anaerobic tank reactor. The fermentation processes and lengths of the fermentation stages were successfully monitored and separately identified based on the pH and gas development. Furthermore, the amount and dynamics of the biogas yield also revealed that the fermentation process was about 510 hours in both cases. In contrast, increased temperature in thermophilic range (45?C) accelerates the degradation processes and resulted in shorter hydrolysis (60 hours), acetogenesis (24 hours) and longer methanogenesis (81 hours) stages, where higher biogas yield was also achieved (59.3%). During the process, the concentration of nutrients showed logarithmical tendencies and COD showed power tendency in time. The extent and the direction of the changes were in correspondence with microalgae activity. In thermophilic circumstances, living microalgae biomass dropped significantly without recovery therefore such an environment is not a viable option for microalgae growth. Moreover, dead microalgae biomass seems to act as a substrate for fermentation slightly increasing the concentration of some nutrients in the wastewater.
Tárgyszavak:Műszaki tudományok Agrárműszaki tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
anaerobic tank reactor
degradation stages
synthetic and organic wastewater
Megjelenés:International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering. - 12 : 2 (2021), p. 166-175. -
További szerzők:Werle Vogel, Felipe Tóth Florence Alexandra (1973-) (biológus, molekuláris- és sejtbiológia) Nagy Attila (1982-) (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök) Tamás János (1959-) (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök) Nagy Péter Tamás (1970-) (vegyész)
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM102673
Első szerző:Nagy Attila (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök)
Cím:Comparison of the effects of manure-based product and ammonium nitrate on maize (Zea mays L.) / Nagy Attila, Kiss Nikolett Éva, Gorliczay Edit, Tóth Florence, Szőllősi Nikolett, Tamás Janos
ISSN:2066-6276 2601-5676
Megjegyzések:The storage and application of huge amounts of deep litter manure could be a serious issue generated by livestock systems. As broiler litter has high N and fiber content, pre-treatment is strongly recommended. Composting is one of the key method of pre-treatment. Due to Georgakakis and Krintas (2000), Hosoya composting system is suitable for composting by-products with unfavourable properties such as poultry litter. The end-product (composted and pelletized poultry litter (CPPL)) is appropriate alternative to the substitute for chemical fertilizers, due to its pathogen-free, safe-to-use features and high organic content while it meets the requirements of the European Green Deal's goals. In the frame of research maize (ZEA MAYS L.) plant test was carried out to get information about the effects of CPPL and ammonium nitrate (AN) fertilizer in pot experiment conditions. Measurements cover the following analyses: the length of the roots, stems, and seedlings, the dry matter content, germination percent, Vigour-index, and chlorophyll and carotenoid content. On the whole, it can be stated that CPPL had higher stimulating impacts on measured parameters (root length, dry matter content, Vigour index) in comparison to AN with higher N content.
Tárgyszavak:Agrártudományok Növénytermesztési és kertészeti tudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
composted and pelletized poultry litter
ammonium nitrate
pot experiment
European Green Deal
Megjelenés:Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. - 12 : 1 (2022), p. 73-86.
További szerzők:Kiss Nikolett Éva (1992-) (Környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök) Gorliczay Edit (1991-) (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök) Tóth Florence Alexandra (1973-) (biológus, molekuláris- és sejtbiológia) Szőllősi Nikolett (1983-) (gazdasági agrármérnök) Tamás János (1959-) (környezetgazdálkodási agrármérnök)
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