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001-es BibID:BIBFORM042215
035-os BibID:PMID:19658001
Első szerző:Dale, George L.
Cím:Tetraspanin CD9 is required for microparticle release from coated-platelets / George L. Dale, Gyula Remenyi, Paul Friese
Megjegyzések:CD9, a member of the tetraspanin superfamily, is the third most abundant protein on the platelet surface, but its function remains unknown. In this report, we demonstrate that CD9 is required for the release of microparticles from coated-platelets. Coated-platelets are formed as a result of dual agonist activation with collagen and thrombin, and each coated-platelet releases 15?25 microparticles averaging 0.4 ?m in diameter. We report here that four separate monoclonal antibodies against CD9 inhibited microparticle release from coated-platelets by 72?102% with an IC50 of approximately 500 ng/mL for ALB6 and SN4. In addition, the anti-?IIb?3 monoclonal antibody AP2 also inhibited microparticle release although additional anti-?IIb?3 monoclonals did not. These data support participation of the tetraspanin CD9, together with the integrin ?IIb?3, in the membrane vesiculation process associated with platelet microparticle release.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Elméleti orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
külföldön készült közlemény
Megjelenés:Platelets. - 20 : 6 (2009), p. 361-366. -
További szerzők:Friese, Paul Reményi Gyula (1969-) (belgyógyász, haematológus)
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM077168
Első szerző:Mezei Gabriella (belgyógyász)
Cím:Dasatinib inhibits coated-platelet generation in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia / Mezei Gabriella, Debreceni Ildiko Beke, Kerenyi Adrienne, Remenyi Gyula, Szasz Robert, Illes Arpad, Kappelmayer Janos, Batar Peter
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Elméleti orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Megjelenés:Platelets. - 30 : 7 (2019), p. 836-843. -
További szerzők:Bekéné Debreceni Ildikó (1970-) (biológus) Kerényi Adrienne (1970-) (laboratóriumi szakorvos) Reményi Gyula (1969-) (belgyógyász, haematológus) Szász Róbert (1972-) (belgyógyász, haematológus) Illés Árpád (1959-) (belgyógyász, haematológus, onkológus) Kappelmayer János (1960-) (laboratóriumi szakorvos) Batár Péter (1969-) (belgyógyász, haematológus)
Pályázati támogatás:GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00043
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001-es BibID:BIBFORM042213
035-os BibID:PMID:23216455
Első szerző:Reményi Gyula (belgyógyász, haematológus)
Cím:Comparison of coated-platelet levels in patients with essential thrombocythemia with and without hydroxyurea treatment / Gyula Reményi, Róbert Szász, Ildikó Beke Debreceni, Mariann Szarvas, Péter Batár, Béla Nagy Jr, János Kappelmayer, Miklós Udvardy
Megjegyzések:Essential thrombocythemia (ET) is an acquired myeloproliferative disorder with sustained increase of platelet count. This disease may be associated with thrombotic or bleeding complications due to the altered number and function of platelets. Coated-platelets produced by a simultaneous activation of collagen and thrombin represent a subpopulation of activated platelets with high prothombinase activity and the retention of several ?-granule-derived coagulation factors on their surface. There is a growing body of evidence for a relationship between variable levels of coated-platelets and different hemostatic alterations. However, no data are available on coated-platelet formation in the pathogenesis of ET in the presence or absence of treatment. The levels of coated-platelets in 43 ET patients (15 non-treated and 28 hydroxyurea-treated) without known thrombotic or hemorrhagic complications were analyzed using flow cytometry. These results were compared with data of 31 healthy individuals. In addition, platelet function was analyzed with PFA-100 analysis, and P-selectin (CD62) positivity was also measured by flow cytometry. Increased P-selectin expression was detected with prolonged PFA-100 closure times in the ET group; however, significantly lower levels of coated-platelets were found in non-treated ET patients compared to controls (23.1???8.8% vs. 37.6???12.7%, p?=?0.0008). This tendency was more evident in patients with JAK2-V617F mutation. Patients on hydroxyurea treatment had elevated coated-platelet levels (34.1???12.3%) close to the normal value. In conclusion, lower than normal levels of coated-platelets were generated in ET, which were significantly (p?=?0.0008) increased by hydroxyurea treatment. We suppose that abnormal coated-platelet level may also contribute to platelet dysfunction in ET.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok idegen nyelvű folyóiratközlemény külföldi lapban
Essential thrombocythemia
platelet activation
flow cytometry
egyetemen (Magyarországon) készült közlemény
Megjelenés:Platelets. - 24 : 6 (2013), p. 486-492. -
További szerzők:Szász Róbert (1972-) (belgyógyász, haematológus) Bekéné Debreceni Ildikó (1970-) (biológus) Szarvas Mariann (1977-) Batár Péter (1969-) (belgyógyász, haematológus) Nagy Béla Jr. (1980-) (labordiagnosztikai szakorvos) Kappelmayer János (1960-) (laboratóriumi szakorvos) Udvardy Miklós (1947-) (belgyógyász, haematológus)
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