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Első szerző:Kelentey Barna (fogszakorvos)
Cím:Antibiotikum alkalmazás a DOTE Stomatológiai Klinika Szájsebészeti Osztályán az elmúlt 10 év során (1989-1998) = Use of antibiotics at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Debrecen Medical University in the last 10 years (1989-1998) / Kelentey B., Imre G., Póti S., Redl P., Keszthelyi G.
Megjegyzések:Just like in other areas of the medical science antibiotics are widely used in oral surgery, too. The aim of the present study is to give a retrospective survey of the use of antibiotics between the years 1989-1998 in the Section of Oral surgery of the Stomatological Department of the Medical and Health Science Centre of Debrecen University. Examined in the study was the antibiotic therapy of patients admitted to the ward, since that was accessible for follow-up unequivocally. The data were obtained from the case records. The study involves the number of antibiotically treated patients in relation to the total number of patients, the age dependence, the length of the treatment and that of the febrile condition. Also examined were the antibiotics chosen, the frequency and results of cultures, in the case of hypersensitivity, the application of alternative drugs. In a final summary, all these were broken down to years and the most frequent diseases. The most frequent disorders involved in the study were: fractures, abscess, cysts, periostitis, antroalveolar fistula--chronic sinusitis. On examining the quantitative parameters of use, it was found that use decreased as a whole and in its proportions, but there was a continuous increase in the number of patients in the course of the years. In the case of the fractures the duration of treatment decreased in the course of the years (from 9 to ca. 6 days). The antibiotic first administered was penicillin, whereas in 1998 the most frequently used drug was a broad-spectrum penicillin derivative (Augmentin) combined with a lactamase inhibitor. In the treatment of abscesses the most effective drug was Amoxycillin (length of treatment ca. 3 days, 1-day febrile condition). The days of treatment decreased with cysts, too, (from 15 days to 5). In their therapy., after the prevalence of Amoxycillin, Augmentin won the first place. The drugs of choice were Augmentin and Ampicillin in periostitis, too (secondary choice were cephalosporins). With antroalveolar fistulas the choice was similar (Augmentin, Aktil). One must take into consideration that added to the total consumption in the last years, were the antibiotic drugs applied for systemic surgical prophylaxis. In view of the prescription of antibacterial drugs used in oral surgery we can see quantitative and qualitative changes can be observed in the period under study.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok magyar nyelvű folyóiratközlemény hazai lapban
antibiotic prophylaxis
Megjelenés:Fogorvosi Szemle 94 : 2 (2001), p. 69-74. -
További szerzők:Imre György Póti Sándor Redl Pál (1953-) (szájsebész) Keszthelyi Gusztáv (1941-2011) (fogszakorvos)
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