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001-es BibID:BIBFORM067882
Első szerző:Skopkó Boglárka Emese (fogszakorvos)
Cím:Changes of the serotoninerg innervation pattern and mast cell degranulation in rat minor salivary and lacrimal glands after fluoroquinolone treatment / Boglárka Skopkó, Ádám Deák, Klára Matesz, Barna Kelentey, Timea Bácskai
Megjegyzések:Introduction: Fluoroquinolone antibiotics (FQAs) are the fluorinated derivatives of quinolones. They can be used in the treatment of oral surgery infections and periodontal diseases. The FQAs have some adverse effects, the patients can suffer from dry mouth and peripheral neuropathic pain. In the background, the reported neurotoxicity of FQAs might be presumable. In our earlier experiments we detected changes in the serotoninergic innervation pattern in the major salivary glands after FQA treatment. In the present work we studied the changes in the minor salivary and lacrimal glands.Methods: Female rats (n=8) were treated with an intraperitoneal injection of pefloxacine, a FQA, while the control animals (n=8) were treated intraperitoneally with physiological saline.Results: After three- or seven-day treatment, the serotoninergic fibers were visualized with fluorescent immunohistochemical method and mast cells with toluidine blue staining. We calculated the number of fibers that expressed serotonin compared with control values at three- and 7-days after treatment. After three-day treatment, the number of serotoninergic fibers was significantly increased. After seven-day treatment, the number of serotonin positive nerve fibers was decreased to levels near those of the control group. In addition, we observed alteration of mast cell number, which paralleled the changes in serotonin expressing fibers during the treatment periods.Conclusions: These findings suggest that pefloxacine can modify the finely controlled communication between immune and nervous systems. The inflammatory mediators liberated from activated mast cells can result the alteration of serotonine immunoreactive fibers, which might be responsible for the decreased saliva flow and neuropathic pain.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Elméleti orvostudományok idézhető absztrakt
Megjelenés:Archives of the Hungarian Medical Association of America 22 : 1 (2014), p. 67. -
További szerzők:Deák Ádám (1974-) (állatorvos) Matesz Klára (1949-) (anatómus, neurobiológus) Kelentey Barna (1959-) (fogszakorvos) Bácskai Tímea (1974-) (biológus, neurobiológus)
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