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001-es BibID:BIBFORM104992
Első szerző:Lukács Luca (hallgató)
Cím:Out-patient selective tubal test with concomitant evaluation of the uterine cavity / Luca Lukács, Judit Lőrincz, Bence Boldogh, Márton György Lipták, Tünde Herman, Péter Török
Megjegyzések:Background Infertility is a common problem of couples with reproductive age. Tubal abnormality is an important cause of infertility, accounting for 25%?35% of female infertility. Tubal patency testing is important during infertility work-up before any assisted reproductive technique is performed. The relevance of diagnostic hysteroscopy, especially when performed in an outpatient "office" setting, in the evaluation process of infertility has increased in the last few years. During diagnostic hysteroscopy any morphological change of the uterine cavity or endometrium can be detected, not to mention the possibility for the tubal patency test. Our aim was to investigate the results of women who underwent selective pertubation with office hysteroscopy. Methods A total of 212 women were included in this retrospective study, who chose diagnostic office hysteroscopy during their infertility work-up. In each case before and after the procedure 3D ultrasound was used for evaluation of the uterine cavity. The selective pertubation with office hysteroscopy was performed in an outpatient setting, without general anaesthesia. Results Primary infertility (in 75 %), secondary infertility (in 22,17 %), repeated abortions (in 1,89 %), positive ultrasound results (in 0,94 % of the cases) made the indication for office hysteroscopy. The mean age of the patients was 33.1 ? 4.77. During the evaluation of uterine cavity 13 cases required polypectomy as well and 1 patient needed uterine myomectomy. Endometrial visualisation of 39 cases indicated biopsy as well during the evaluation with office hysteroscopy, this way 8 chronic endometritis were detected. Regarding the selective pertubation test, we detected positivity (tubal abnormality) in 61,32 % of the study, among them we explored unilateral occlusion in 43,08 % of the cases and bilateral occlusion in 56,92 % of the patients. No complications occurred during the 212 diagnostic office hysteroscopies. Conclusions Our results suggest this novel method, selective pertubation with office hysteroscopy, which is an effective, accurate, minimally invasive method to investigate tubal patency, in outpatient circumstances in order to choose proper assisted reproductive techniques. This way the complications of general anaesthesia or radiation (HSG) can be avoided. Moreover, with the examination of the uterine cavity, other factors, such as polyps, micropolyps, fibroids, chronic endometritis can be detected and treated so fertility can be improve as well.
Tárgyszavak:Orvostudományok Klinikai orvostudományok idézhető absztrakt
Megjelenés:Facts, views & vision in ObGyn. - 14 : 3 (2022), p. P124. -
További szerzők:Lőrincz Judit (1988-) (általános orvos) Boldogh Bence Zoltán (1995-) (Orvos) Lipták Márton György (1988-) (Orvos) Herman Tünde (1979-) (orvos) Török Péter (1975-) (szülész-nőgyógyász)
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