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Első szerző:Shebl, Aly (geológus)
Cím:Lithological, structural and hydrothermal alteration mapping utilizing remote sensing datasets: a case study around Um Salim area, Egypt / A Shebl, Á Csámer
ISSN:1755-1307 1755-1315
Megjegyzések:Remote sensing datasets have introduced remarkable advancements in mapping rock units, structural elements, and hydrothermal alteration zones. This study applied Landsat Operational Land Imager (OLI) multispectral dataset in discriminating the intricate basement of Um Salim area, Central Eastern Desert (CED), Egypt. Moreover, a panchromatic 15m pixel size band is implemented to extract the study area's linear structural features. Several image processing methods including False Color Combination (FCC), Band Ratio (BR), Optimum Index Factor (OIF), and Density slicing were utilized in lithological and alteration mapping. The widely used, LINE module of the PCI Geomatica is applied for lineament extraction. Results reasonably discriminate the complicated rock units using selected composites depending on OIF results. A photo-geological map is constructed and shows greater coincidence with recently published maps. Lineaments map and its density revealed the preponderance of NE-SW and WNW-ESE structural trends. The spatial relationship between the resultant hydrothermally-altered zones and the detected structural features strongly recommends further detailed examination for ore deposits within the study area besides manifesting the efficiency of the utilized data and methods.
Tárgyszavak:Természettudományok Földtudományok konferenciacikk
Megjelenés:IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. - 942 : 1 (2021), p. 1-8. -
További szerzők:Csámer Árpád (1976-) (geológus)
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